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Prophet Domination Vol 1

January 31, 2014 by seankenny6688
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Basic Prophet Build

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game (6 Minute Mark)

Middle Game Crucials

Late Game Crucials

Possible Other Choices (Farm Dependant)

Hero Skills


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2 5 9 10

Nature's Call

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Wrath of Nature

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Ok, Before I Start There Are Many Things You Need To Know About Prophet
First, And Most Importantly, Be Active
A Good Prophet Player Will Be Involved With Every Kill And Will Annoy The Enemy Team
Prophet Is Such A Global Presence Thanks To His Free Teleports
Secondly, Realize That This Guide Isn't Called 6 Minute Midas And Help Your Team Along The Way
For The First 6 Maybe 7 Minutes You Will Be Entirely Useless To Your Team
Thirdly, This Is A Jungle Build, If You Need Any Information On How To Jungle Easily DotaCinema Makes Great Guides On How To Jungle And Find Your Way Around The Jungle
Fourthly, Adapt
If You Ever Find Yourself In A Situation Where Jungling Is Impossible, Which Can Happen
Don't Panic
There Is Alternatives, A Suicide Lane Or Safe Lane Work A Little Less Effectively But In All Fairness, Still Work
Fifthly, After 10 Minute Mark, You Belong To Your Team
Gank As Often As Possible
Push Whenever You Can And Finally, Help And Teammates In Need
Now Let's Get to Business

Who Is Nature's Prophet

Nature's Prophet Is An Intelligence Carry
He Has A Main Role As A Jungler And Is Easily My Favourite Hero In The Game
Prophet Is Very Versitile But Can Die Very Easily Early Game
Prophet Is Heavily Farm And Gold Dependant But With A Combination Of The Items And
Skills Makes An Impossibly Hard Hero To Kill

What Prophet Should Stay Away From

Any Assassin Heroes Can Ruin Prophet's Farming Time And The 6 Minute Midas Which We Will Talk About Later. But Sean, Can't I Just Buy Sentry Wards Or Gem? Nope, Prophet Needs The 6 Minute Midas And Using Up All Your Gold On Wards/Gem Ruins Your Entire Game. The Earlier The Midas The Better But As I Said Earlier, We'll Talk About That Later. Prophet Should Stay Away From Bounty Hunter, Templar Assassin And Any Other Assassin. Riki Is Not A Problem Until Level Six So By Then You Should Have Your Midas Making You Obscene Amounts Of Gold If Used Right So Riki
Is A Problem But The Worst Case Scenario Is Being Against Bounty Hunter.
I Could Go On And On About How I Hate Hellbears But Then I Found An Easy Way To Counter Them.
Let's Assume You Are 1 Minute Mark Prophet And You Come Across The Hellbears. Hellbears Suck For Summoner Junglers Because The Main One Can Devastate All Your Treeants With One Thunder Clap. The Solution Is: Send 2 Treeants At A Time. This Solves Your Hellbear Problem 99% Of The Time. Keep In Mind Two Hellbear Camps In A Row Is Worst Case Scenario So Taking A Few Hellbear Hits Isn't The End Of The World Or Anything.


I Will Give Reasons For Each Of The Items I Choose To Keep Everything Brief
Gloves - Build Into Midas
2/3 Clarities - REALLY IMPORTANT Every Second you Spend Out Of The Jungle Is A Second Of Farm Lost. Clarities Will Let You Summon As Many Treeants As You Please. I Tested 3 Is Usually Enough To Get You To Midas
Midas - No Matter What Anybody Says, Not A Situational Item. You Need The Gold, Trust Me, You Need That Midas As Early As Possible
Treads - You Need Boots And In My Opinion The Best Choice
Wand - Almost Necessary For Most Heroes
Force Staff - Helps Out When You Need To Move Yourself Or An Ally Or Enemy
Maelstrom - Hard Hitting Power Always Helps, Much Better Than Any Other Damage Item You Can Get On Prophet
Urn - Ganking
Shadow Blade - Invisibility Is Effective On Prophet But Can Be Replaced In My Opinion. Works Pretty Well
Mjollnir - Improves Your Maelstrom And Gives You A Good Buff With The Active
Vyse - The Best Disable In The Game Become Affordable With Your New Midas
Necronomicon - Extra Pushing Power Always Helps


Your First Skill, Don't Level It Until 1 And Don't Level It To Max Until Everything Else But Your Ult Is At Max. Don't Get Me Wrong Here, It's Very Helpful, But The Levels Don't Change Much And Teleport And Nature's Call Will Change Drastically With Levels
Sprout Requires Almost No Explanation, Surround The Enemy With Trees. They Can't Move
Great Ganking Skill
Try Not To Spam It Early Game Though, The Mana Cost Is Pretty High
Also If You See Need, Trap Them Near The Tower And Then They Will Take Tower Shots
Very Effective


The Bet Skill In The Game (Debatably) Global Teleportation
This Is What Makes Prophet So Good. Teleport To Where You Need To Push, Gank Or Anything Of The Sort. Be Careful Though, They Will See Where You Are About to Teleport But You Can Use That To Scare Them Away Too Because You Can Cancel It Without Using Mana

Call Of Nature

Treeants, You Want To Summon Them In The Jungle To Fight For You But Another Effective Use Is For Pushing. Note You Can Use Sprout Trees For Treeants As Well. Treeants Are Very Powerful If Used Effectively. Treeants Are A Crucial Part Of Your Early And Mid Game. Late Game Your Main Power Is Right Clicking :)

Wrath Of Nature

One Very Important Thing Is To Understand Not To Spam It Too Much. You CAN Spam It But If There Is A Low Health Hero Escaping, You'll Be Sorry

Very Early Game

So Let's Say You Just Started A Match As Prophet If You're Following My Recommended Skill Build You Should Have Your Treeants Ready. So First, Grab Gloves And 2 Clarities. Try To Get A Third One, If You Guys Have A Courier Then When You Need It Get It To Send You The 3rd Clarity Because You Won't Have Enough Gold At The Beginning To Cover The Cost Of 3 Clarities. So What You Want To Do Is Go To The 2 Camps In The Bottom Right Corner Near The Lane (Radiant) And The Same Camp On The Other Side (Dire).
So Just Go Between The Two Camps. You Should Know How To Deal with The Hellbears By Now

6 Minute Midas

The Hand Of Midas Is Easily The Best Item For Prophet
So, 1550 Gold In 6 Minutes! How Do You Do It?
So What You Want To Do Is Get The Two Camps That I Mentioned Earlier, If You Read The Entire Thing Up To Now You Should Know What I'm Talking About. Go Between Them, Don't Look Back, STAY IN THE JUNGLE AND FARM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Although 6 Minutes Is Our Optimal Goal, If You Find A Way To Do It Earlier Or Feel Like There Is Something In The Guide That Is Missing Or Wrong, Please Tell Me, I Really Want To Make This Guide Great.

Mid Game

Mid Game Nature's Prophet Is A Ganker, Try To Gank Whenever You Can, Your Midas Should Provide A Fair Amount Of Income. Mjollnir As Early As Possible Really Will Help And Shadow Blade Is
Pretty Effective In This Phase Which Gives You A Little Edge Over The Competition
So Probably The Most Important Thing Is To Gank And Ruin The Enemy's Mid Phase
Be Careful To Push Whenever You Can But Remember The 3 Rules Of Ganking

1. Know When To Run
2. Be A Team Player

Nature's Prophet's Mid Phase Should Not Include Too Much Jungling, Try To Gank A Lot

Late Game

So, You Endured Until Late Game, I Recommend Vyse, But Hey, That's Just Me.
Still Try To Gank But be A Lot More Cautious From Here On Out
If You Want To Take Down A Hard Carry, Gang Up On Him!
Respawn Times Are Long, Stakes Are High
When People Are Pushing You Should Be There, You Have No Excuse Not To Be!


So Today We Learnt All About Nature's Prophet
This Is Volume 1 I Will Make A More Improved Version Of This When I Learn More.
Nature's Prophet Is A Very Strong Hero

Best Wishes, Have A Good One :)


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