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2 Votes

pro anti mage 100% legit build

August 8, 2014 by TavTavio
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

1 7 13


2 6 8 12 14 18


3 5 9 11 15 17

Mana Void

4 10 16


pro anti mage 100% legit build

August 8, 2014

Chapter Title

I noe how 2 play anti mage cos i am pro he is ez. always follow same build on every game becos it works in every scenario. his core items r always good in every gaem.

Pros / Cons

anti mage is ez and pro and duble blink=gg


duble blink is gud and its pretty obvious. 1 shared tango for regen, rod of atos to slow for you to auto attack, dagon for nuking power, bottle cos u can duble blink so u got gud rune control and finally to finalize the build u need 1 iron branch and that will secure the win


this skill build is symmetrical so it will be gud. this is pro guide so not everyone can use this skill build.


in summary wen u use dis build all will be like commend this pro anti mage and u will feel happy. pls vote up dis guide if u enjoyed this is 100% legit

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