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Pit Full of Sheep

November 9, 2016 by Robbscelebs
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Pit Full of Sheep AOE madness

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


1 3 5 9

Pit of Malice

2 4 7 10

Atrophy Aura

8 12 13 14

Dark Rift

6 11 16


15 17 18

Pit Full of Sheep

November 9, 2016

My First Guide

Hi all this is my first guide and its not going to be to detailed but I have used this ***ping great bad lad and this build certainly seemed to have legs getting the urn early give good manna gain early game which you will need as your Firestorm is a great hur*** tool in early game using this in a key moments you can close out your opponents farm of force them to take some heavy damage for the gold, and later on using your pit of malice you can use it to make them (both if your safe or hard lane) sit in it and take even more damage.

After this treads mean you have that extra beef in melee as you will need it your AOE is not going to be enough to snag this kill securely and gives the option to swap for some of that long needed mana.

After this the sheep stick not only does it seriously fix your manna issues it means you can either hold people or get out of dodge and with your pit either dropped as you escape or while you attack you can hold them in place for 6 seconds and in firestorm thats a long time!

The addition of a blink means you can drop those AOE's at range and pop in to get in some melee and gives you some chaise ability as lump dragon seems has a slow woddle at best.

after this AC gives some attack speed the aura combined with your aura means you will carve though those dudes like butter and after this either grab yourself either heart or some damage I would say battle fury myself as then the AOE you can kick out from then in a team fight is filthy!

Your Alt is great use it like your team has boots of travel through you either switch lanes or respond and help a split pusher with the whole team in seconds! takes some team practice though....

High Points of the Build:
-High team sustainability
-Hur*** through the roof
-Global Support Hotline
-Gank-friendly, both giving and receiving
-Late game high ground pushing power

Low Points of the Build
-Mana dependent early game
-Lower damage output
-Not a lot of solo potential

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