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Phoenix the good bird, 7.16

May 27, 2018 by wq_phoenix
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Phoenix 7.16

DotA2 Hero: Phoenix

Purchase Order

Starting items

Early Game

Mid game (situational, choose one or two of these)

Late Game

Very Late

Hero Skills

Icarus Dive

1 4 12 13

Fire Spirits

2 3 5 7

Sun Ray

8 9


6 11


10 15

Hero Talents

+3 Supernova Hit Count
+2% Max Health Sun Ray Damage
+1400 Icarus Dive
+1.25s Supernova Stun Duration
+40 Fire Spirits DPS
+500 Health
+8% Spell Amplification
+90 Gold/Min

Phoenix the good bird, 7.16

May 27, 2018

Phoenix for free mmr

Phoenix is my favorite hero.I dont think I can live without Phoenix :( 7.16 is likely the best patch for Phoenix there is. Phoenix spammers can go all out and spam it for some free mmr. I am a 3.5k Legend 4 Phoenix player who has about 58% with the bird.


Hope y'all can take a look at my guide and have a good discussion about the lovely fire bird.


Okay, so what even does this bird do? Phoenix is a nuker. This hero is greedy for xp and not gold (note: all it needs is Tranquil Boots and an Urn of Shadows to do well in the early game) I play this hero offlane 90% of the time. Currently we are kinda in the 2-1-2 meta so I get offlane all the time. Mid phoenix is decent too but it's a very niche area so don't go there if you don't think you can pull it off. I have only played mid Phoenix once or twice because my team had no good midlaners. Phoenix can be played anywhere from pos 3 to 5. As a pos 5 it is a very weak safelane support though. Lack of stuns to save your safelane carry. Pray that your attack speed slow can save him.

When to pick Phoenix:
- Your team is lacking in magic damage
- You need a teamfight hero
- You have a safelane to shutdown
- enemy has weak safelane
- Your team has stuns and cc (Phoenix has unreliable cc)

When NOT to pick Phoenix:
- enemy silences
- enemy has high attack speed heroes (Beast Master, Troll Warlord, Ursa, Huskar)
- enemy heroes with built in magic resistance (Juggernaut, Lifestealer)
- your team needs a support with reliable cc
- enemy has Meepo or Arc Warden


Offlane Phoenix: Tangos, Ring of Regen(builds into tranq boots) , Ring of Protection(Phoenix starts with 0 armour and it builds into urn)

Support Phoenix: Tangos, Ring of Regen, maybe a ward and courier if your team doesn't get one (note: buy your Ring of Protection from the lane Side Shop after you get the 0:00 bounty rune)

Skill point in Dive because its your mobility spell. Phoenix is squishy and you don't wanna die first blood.

Early game

stay safe. You will get minimal last hits as an Offlaner especially if you are solo but that's OK. Just make sure you are not completely zoned out. When you hit level 3 with lvl 2 in fire spirits, you can start trading hits with fire spirits. The debuff doesn't refresh so toss it at the enemy once every 4 seconds. They will try to avoid it so you have to predict how to land it. If done well it will melt their health. Also, your health does not have to be at 100% all the time so do NOT use tangos right your health drops to 80%. I hang around the trees at 50% for most of laning stage sapping xp. Just do not get cc'ed when you are about to die, Icarus Dive out. With every point in Fire Spirits, Phoenix grows stronger. It's the strongest DoT in Dots 2. Enemies generally do not expect such big damage output from it until it melts them off. Careful to not push the lane too much with fire spirits though.

When paired with strong laners with kill potential in the offlane (Legion Commander, Pudge) you can completely own the enemy safelane. Games with Pudge are notably the best. I can recall 2 games when me and Pudge 'completely' ignored last hits and just continuously killed their hard carry and support and proceed to **** on them for the first 12 minutes of the game.

Mid game

This is where your big power spikes are. Level 6,7, 11 and 15 when you max your fire spirits and get ult. Fire Spirits is one of the biggest DoT in the game, and it is BUFFED in 7.16

* Phoenix: Fire Spirits damage increased from 10/30/50/70 to 20/40/60/80

Fire Spirits really hurts everyone in early - mid game so make full use of it.

Take teamfights and allow your team to snowball. If the enemy hard carry is in lane farming, you should pressure him if you can. Just dump fire spirits from a distance.

What to do in teamfights?
Hopefully you are not the one they initiated on. If you are in the backline you can sunray your teammates and throw one or two fire spirits at nearby enemies.

After sunray, icarus dive to the enemy to slow them and apply the burn debuff. Get off Fire Spirits at the enemy heroes that are near enough to hit your egg and ULT immediately. Being a second late gives the enemy a chance to Hex or Stun you, rendering you useless. Always place your ult in a good place, offensively to stop enemeies from running away and defensively to protect your teammates from running away. Every teamfight is about the enemies choosing your egg or your allies.

Items: very situational here. get 1 2 or 3 of these because they are pretty cost effective.

Euls or an early Lotus Orb is a must if enemies have silences

Meteor Hammer for early pushing. You can channel sunray and use meteor hammer at the same time. you can also icarus dive to an enemy tower and channel meteor hammer while flying back. rat phoenix is real LOL.

Spirit Vessel for higher movement speed and more heals for allies. Good if you have lots of charges and your team is consistently getting kills

Veil is good if your team has another nuker.

Kaya makes your spells hurt more but I generally do not build this but I see 5k Phoenix(s) build this so I'm leaving this as an option. Synergises with your Spell Amplification talent. Meteor Hammer on towers 3 times and its gone.

In most games I go Meteor Hammer or Spirit Vessel because they give you extra health. Euls gives you mana while Veil gives you armour which I don't really prefer.

Get a Heaven's Halbard if the enemy has a Troll/Ursa/Clinkz/Beastmaster, etc use it so they cannot hit your egg. Enemies LOVE to pick troll whenever they see a Phoenix. Just surprise them with your Heaven Halbard and kill them off. ez game. they are bound to be tilted because they thought they completely countered you.

Late Game

Stick with your team. At this point you will no longer be able to get solo kills. Play cautiously, make every ult count.

Shiva's is the best item you can get. Activate it, Icarus Dive, Fire spirits and Ult! for easy mmr. Your team should back you up and win the teamfight.

Other items:
Lotus Orb to help siege high ground
Pipe against magic damage dealers
Necrominion to help push
Aghs to save your ally
Heart Of Tarrasque to keep your health high after spell usage
Blademail is okay too


the list really goes on. As I said Phoenix really only needs Transquil Boots to function. Get all your spells off and you are a fine bird.

With the lvl 20 Icarus Dive +1400 range talent, you can safely rat the enemy t3 tower if your creeps are under it. Just Icarus Dive in and channel meteor hammer and you will return to your original position. bonus points if your hammer cleared the enemy creeps which has just spawned. Be careful if the enemy has Hex. Normally its hard to stun you when your midflight so its okay.


Thanks for reading. Once again, I'm a 3.5k Legend 4 phoenix player. I play with the name "day after Day" so do say Hi if you ever meet me in your games. Good luck to all the Phoenix heroes out there!

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