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Phoenix Rising Mirana Jungle Guide

October 10, 2017 by PhoenixRising
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PhoenixRising (1) | October 10, 2017 8:37am
I totally agree. I wrote this after being awake for 23 hours, while taking strong pain killers to help relieve pain. the guide itself is slightly wrong and I need to change it.
This is my First guide on here, and I have much to learn on how to create a more appealing guide, thank you for the suggestions.
I have made the changes to the skills section now, this corrects my earlier errors on the guide itself.
I will be cleaning up the the spelling and grammar after some sleep.
moskus4 (2) | October 9, 2017 8:43am
Hi. I like your build and guide, but I think you can improve it on certain areas.

Grammar: Think about using fewer commas and more punctuation marks. Some paragraphs don't have any punctuation marks. This leads to reduced readability. Another thing you can improve is making sure you use capital letters in the start of sentences.

Appearance: The text will seem more appealing to the reader if you make your items "clickable". For example Mirana or Quelling Blade.

Content: is there any other strategies/builds to go for? When should we pick Mirana jungle?
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