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Pheonix 7.08 Meme Hammer Broski

February 9, 2018 by Pl3b
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Offlane Pheonix

DotA2 Hero: Phoenix

Hero Skills

Icarus Dive

1 4 14

Fire Spirits

2 3 5 7

Sun Ray

8 9 11 13


6 12 16


10 15 17 18

Hero Talents

+1.5% Max Health Sun Ray Damage
+3 Supernova Hit Count
Sun Ray During Supernova
+1100 Icarus Dive
+500 Health
+25 Fire Spirits DPS
+6% Spell Amplification
+18% Icarus Dive Slow

Pheonix 7.08 Meme Hammer Broski

February 9, 2018


Pheonix is a great offlaner that excells with levels and is not very reliant on items. This guide is going to focus on a new play style based around the new item meteor. It allows for much faster games and allows Pheo(Pheonix) to split push and rat buildings relatively safely.

Ranked Play

The best way to play with meteor hammer is to pick it up as fast as possible, which means trading it out for midas-which has been basically nerfed out of the game anyway-however due to the style of play you will have a very similar xp gain regardless.

Use fire spirits in lane to slow the enemy carries attacks so you can get last hits/ denies and trade out with supports. With zero armor you should try not to trade untill level 2.

In lane you should try to stack the medium and hard camp behind your tower, you can stack both with either fire spirits or icarous dive. Take the camps at level 7 when you have downtime from your ultimate.

Once you have the hammer you should take a fight with your ult and use it on a tower. Offlane or mid is best.

From there just try and keep lanes pushed out with your spirits and then use dive and gammer the tower from a safe distance. Just be very carefull when your dive is on cool down, farming jungle/stacking is a good use of time.

When you think a fight will happen make sure to save dive to position your ultimate.

Note: Dont be afraid to buy wards so that you can safely rat buy yourself. If you die from lack of vision its your own fault.


Tranquils: pretty much gives you all the sustain youll need for the game. Buy every game unless you REALLY want gaurdian greaves. If so just buy brown boots.

Meteor hammer: Great stats and and all the mana regen you should need. 390 damage to a building and 590 to a hero. It has a very similar cool down to your dive which is fantastic. Just be careful of stunts when you go for the dive-hammer combo on towers.

Veil of Discord: This items always been decent on pheo, its even better now that sun ray is magical damage, it will make you do crazy amounts of damage, its better then kaya or even radiance on pheonix.

Aghanims Scepter: Fantasic item, i would recommend buying every game unless they have a troll. Wait till you Anti-mage gets deuled and put him in your egg. Make sure to use fire spirits so you dont kill your carry.

Euls Scepter: Decent if your up against silences, can also be combo'd with euls however dont buy it just for meteor hammer.

Shivas Gaurd: Very synergistic with your ult. Attack/movement slow, adds alot of intiation with to your ult.

Blink Dagger: Great with aghanims or if you want to repostion for sun ray.


Icarus Dive: Set ranged ability that does a movement slow lasts 4 seconds

Fire Spirits: Has 4 stacks to caste however the damage wont stack, last 4 seconds. Wait to see the enemy go into an animation to land this reliably.

Sun Ray: Decently high damage, long range ability spell, it also heals for the damage value.

Supernova: Large aoe damage spell that resests spell cool downs. Has a set amount of attacks to destroy, be careful with position this. Great for baiting enemys and surving ganks.

Note: All of pheonix's spells can be used at the same time except supernova. You can also use items while using all of pheo's spells.

Basic Combo's:-Dive + Fire Spirits
-Sunray + Fire Spirits
-Dive > Sun Ray
-Dive + Fire Spirits > Supernova

Advanced Combo's:-Shiva's > Dive > Veil + Fire Spirits > Supernova > Dive + Fire Spirits > Sun Ray
-Sun Ray + Fire Spirits + Veil > Dive + Supernova(Aghanims Save) > Fire Spirits + Sun Ray > Shiva's + Dive + Fire Spirits
-Dive + Euls + Meteor Hammer > Veil + Fire Spirits + Sun Ray

Ofcourse theirs more Varitions then these, but the above are some examples. After some time you should be able to just know what to do. Theres no "bad" items on pheonix and you'll always be able to close the gap with dive and retreat fairly safely.


Thanks for browsing, any advice, reveiws or opinions would be appreciated :)

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