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Phantom Lancer Guide by NOVA

February 11, 2013 by DBali
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

Purchase Order



Mid & Core

End & Luxury

Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

2 4 9 10


1 3 7 8

Phantom Rush

5 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Phantom Lancer Guide by NOVA

February 11, 2013

Nothin Much To Say

All through out the game follow the purchasing order. The skill set is flexible go as you feel comfortable. Always go for creeps rather than buildings. Always ask your team members to leave the creeps for you as they help create illusion.

Tranquil boots give you enhanced speed, armor, regen. Each of these help throughout the game. and in case you get injured, just dopplewalk away and use the Tranquil.

Another option can be Power Treads as they provide attack speed. But, since you're not increasing juxtapose early on you wont need it.

Vlad is the best option as it gives you armor, mana regen, and lifesteal. All of these would help you jungle early on.
If your lane partner is making Vlads. You may go for Helm of Dominator which can be later improved to Satanic.
I havent tried out MoM yet. So feel free to try it out and leave comments.

Manta Style

It gives you a whole lotta agility which is needed for damage and attack speed. Also the illusions have a multiplier effect on juxtapose which is amazing.
Another option can be Sange and Yasha as it gives equal strength and agility.

By this time your damage will be around 200. Daedalius will take far ahead and increased critical hits due the humongous attack speed will let you pawn.
There is no other option for this. But if youre really swimming in a pile of gold you can always go for an MKB.

Heart Of Tarrasque

Strength and Regen make you and your illusions pretty tanky. Helping you to dominate a team fight.

Butterfly is the final item. With this youre kinda invincible. The evasion will hamper your enemies. Attack speed would become outta this world. And critical hits will deal more damage.

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