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Phantom Lancer, Furious Battle

January 22, 2013 by Phantom Raven
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Mad Lancer

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

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Phantom Lancer, Furious Battle

Phantom Raven
January 22, 2013


First up this is my first try to do a guide so i want you to don't just go and say it's **** like that noone improves. So this is a guide about Phantom dancer you might have guessed and thats right.

Your role on your team carry/pusher/annoying bastard

About MoM that might catched your eye it is a risky item but if it's used right it can turn the fight to your favor but don't forget your illusion won't get the life steal.


you may wonder why there is basilius and not aquila the reason is i think it's not needed if you think i'm wrong just get it. i just think the money is better used for a rush into power threads or yasha after you get yasha i would recommend buildnig MoM with yasha it's your butter and bread you deal more dmg get more illusions (theoretical) and have a nice movementboni to catch up, but chose wisely when to activate the 30% dmg income is dangerous. Another important thing in my opinion at least don't get in to team fights if you don't have manta your only excuse is your team absolutly needs you and/or enemy team is rly low and don't go in first you are an annoying bastard use your illusions and use your brain.
i usually keep MoM till i get HoT & a hyperstone for AC and sell it then to get AC faster up.

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