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Phantom Lancer: From Fisherman to Late Game Hero

January 29, 2013 by Coolie
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No More Fountain

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

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Hey everyone!

SO this is my first guide so any sort of input would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try and explain as many of my decisions that as clearly and simply as possible in order to fully understand the build.

This is a build which ended up being a combination of different builds I have seen, with some of my own input.

I will eventually get to making a guide video for this character to show the build and its applications.

WARNING: This is still a work in progress

Understanding the Starting Out Items

The Items

Quelling Blade - Quelling Blade is chosen in order to get those valuable last hits. It is very important to keep your gold & xp constantly coming in. As a hard carry it is your duty to constantly be farming.

Ring of Protection - This item is very important as you can not purchase it in the side shop, and also gives a small amount of armor that can really help with harassing. Why this item is important is that it will help build into your Boots of Tranquility ASAP from the side shops. Also If your team has not purchased a courier, you won't have to run back to the fountain in order to complete your boots.

Tangos & Salve - Self explanatory. These are great early game healing items that will help with Harass until you get your Boots of Tranquil

The Skills

Doppelwalk was chosen first vs. Spirit lance. In my opinion I have seldom had a need to use Spirit Lance for ganking early on. Typically I am working to get to lvl 2 ASAP. Doppelwalk will help with early ganks and any sort of sticky situation you get in.

Playstyle with this Build

This style of build puts a HEAVY emphasis on farming. It is more important for you to be focusing on last hits and some harass with Spirit Lance. With this build you aren't a proper ganker until you have your Soul Ring on hand.

You should be focusing on Last hits constantly. You are very useless if you are under farmed later in the game. You also aren't a help to your team if you are consistently dying and just feeding the other team.

The Core Items (In my opinion) of this build are the Boots of Tranquility and Soul Ring. I mention it in play style as you should get accustomed to toggling them and treating them as another set of skills for PL. These items can be a very vital Doppelwalk to get away from enemies or even a last minute burst of Spirit lance. Do not underestimate the power combo of Soul Ring and BoT.

Mentality when playing this style of PL

Now, this is something that I have found very important when playing this style of Phantom Lancer. It is to change your mentality in the early game of aiming to creating mass illusions early on.

Illusions early on from Juxtapose really don't have a great affect on the game. So I have found changing your mentality early game helps a ton.

So typically you will see yourself as a late game carry that needs to carry the game. STOP IT, think of yourself as an escape ganker. concentrate on getting better using just Spirit Lance and Doppelwalk. Creating mass illusions should be icing on the cake and just be part of your build.

Mid Game - Vanguard or Defusal Blade

I have seen arguments for Vanguard first over Defusal Blade and viceversa. This is the best way that I have come to understand which one you get first.

Are you getting a lot of early harass? Then building an early vanguard will help and should be chosen.
Are you freefarming or not worried about harass? Then Defusal blade is the way to go. Vanguard for me is usually chosen first in bad situations where I need to be concentrating on farming because I have fallen behind. The

Stats vs. Doppelwalk

So unlike most builds this build, and a couple others, puts a heavy emphasis on early stats.
Why are stats necessary? Well stats will help for a couple of reasons.

1. Stats will help your early Mana & Health Regen & Help with last hitting. Which will make farming a breeze.

2. Stats also make your illusions stronger. The stronger illusions synergize with Spirit Lance. So when you nuke an enemy opponent your illusion will be A. Harder to kill and B. Dealing more damage to your enemy.

Work In Progress

I am still working on this guide so any sort of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you down vote please tell me why so I am work on it and improve on future guides.

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