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Phantom Assassin Ultimate Guide MID

May 2, 2014 by Darionnn17
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Phantom Assassin Guide MID

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 4 8 9

Phantom Strike

2 3 5 7


10 12 13 14 15

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


17 18

Phantom Assassin Ultimate Guide MID

May 2, 2014

Why do you start like this?

Well i have been playing dota for a long time and i can explain a lot of players would say this guide suck w/e and w/e, however when you start mid you need some general power. Taking queling blade + wrath band makes it much easier for you to creep no matter what your opponents are. Furthermore you just need one tango or healing salve whatever you prefer to keep you going for around 10 minutes simply because you are not just gonna bump into creeps and let the opposite hero kill you especially if he is a range hero like sniper. I find it really easy to play pa on mid, because creeps are always near your tower therefore you can just stay well behind and wait for them to get a low hp and last hit which is really simple.

Furthermore when you are level 6 you up your ultimate and go to morbid mask. Again a lot of players make vladimir or etc however if you think about it mom makes your attacks faster which is essential for early game especially if you gang low hp heroes. For instance you gang somewhere throw your dagger, blink afterwards and jump with your ulty on a low hp hero.
In this case when you active your mask of madness you gain faster attack speed therefore you get a bigger chance to crit that hero and if you are lucky enough you can dagger him again blink again if he is far away from you and kill him straight away.

In addition after that kill you might aswell buy tranquil boots. Again why tranquil but not phase boots or normal boots. Well with PA you will spend a lot of time farming or running around the map farming. As we all know tranquil boots give you 13 hp regen after 13 sec therefore if you are on low hp and you have to run from one side of the map to another you wont have to go base which saves you money plus time which i find really efficient.

Continue to battlefury

Battlefury plus mask of madness is a really good combo because while you have nothing to do and there is a large amount of creeps you can activate it kill all of them much faster and gain life steal at the same time.

BlackKingBar Combo With BattleFury

When the game starts going there would be big battles and a lot of stunners or disable heroes therefore you need something to keep you going so you dont get stunned and die in a pointless battle. Here comes the battlefury imagine it's a battle all your teammates are in and you dagger, blink activate bkb and after that comes mask of madness. With the cleave attack of bf + mom you can kill more then one hero because of your crit strike which i find really easy way to make money though the game.

Last Butterfly or rapier?

Well it depends on your skills i always make rapier because i love the feeling of a 2k critical on 3 heroes that jumped on me combined with mom and battlefury all of them die in 1 or 2 hits which is pretty fun heh. Furthermore it all depends on the situation if you play verses heroes you know you might die you can make butterfly so you die slower and still have a longer battle which also means more crit strikes for you.

Well this was my ultimate guide to phantom assasin mid and it was my first ever guide i am making so leave a comment if you don't like anything or if there is anything wrong with the guide

I will include a gameplay video of me playin PA if you are not bothered to read

THANKS and hope you like it Darionn17 ^^

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