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Phantom Assassin - Stalking your prey

July 16, 2012 by ChaoticSmurf
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Phantom Assasin

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

Stating Items

Early Game

Around Mid Game / MASK OR HELM

Late Game

Are you rich yet?

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

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Phantom Strike

2 5 8 10


3 12 13 14

Coup de Grace

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Phantom Assassin - Stalking your prey

July 16, 2012

DotA BackGround / Summary of guide

Hello, my name is ChaoticSmurf, but you can call me Smurf :). I am a very experienced DotA player and have been playing this amazing MoBa since the week it was released back in WarCraft. One of my favourite hero's I played was Phantom Assassin, I literately picked her every single time I played All Pick, even though I usually played random.

Through out this guide, I will tell you all of the strengths and weaknesses that Phantom Assassin has and how to build her properly so that you will be sending your enemies running. This is my first guide, please be easy on me and leave feed back :)


When playing Phantom Assasin, you will relize that it's not to easy to snag early kills with her. Since you might have problems with that, grab a quelling blade and take last hits like an absoloute beast to always be caught up. Late early game, get a morbid mask and start farming in the jungle and ganking when you believe you can get a kill. The reason going through out the jungle is effective, is because your stifling dagger combined with your blink is a great way to rip your opponent to shreds, and don't forgot about your passive blur, they will never see you coming on the mini map =D

Ranked Play

The one thing that Phantom ASsasin was never born for. Phantom Assasin in ranked play is very difficult, and I mean very difficult. The reason being, is because Phantom Assasin isn't the best when going against a built team. Surely, if your in a clan battle, the team will have a great comp, they will have every thing they will need to conqour success, and by that, I mean stuns.

Phantom Assasins main weakness is stuns. She is VERY squishy, and agile, and stuns don't help that. How ever, this shouldn't stop you from playing her in ranked games. When playing her, try to be laned with a heavy support like wisp or crystal maiden so you can take all of the farm and kills. When you have enough money, grab a Black Monkey King Bar as soon as possible. And also, have your finger on W at ALL times, so that you can get out of fights when needed.

Pros / Cons

- Strong Carry Late Game
- Crazy Damage
- Great Ganks And Speed

- Squishy
- Gets shut-down by stuns
- Rely's on farm and kills

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