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Phantom Assassin, Cutting through fools!

July 23, 2015 by psychoxbandit
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OP build

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

All Items

Starting Items to Mid game

Mid Game

Some items to get before Assault Cuirass

Totally Situational

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 8 13

Phantom Strike

2 5 7 10


4 9 11 14

Coup de Grace

6 12 16


15 17 18

Phantom Assassin, Cutting through fools!

July 23, 2015


This can be a new meta as well. It just lets you get really quick kills early on and mid game and look very scary even in late game. I wont be talking much about it in words, you will have to check my build and tell me about it :D

Oh and one more thing!!!! Never rely on your evasion. If the enemy team gets a mkb, its a GG for PA. Always try to build good items that has both attack damage and something that buffs PA. Anyway, go Ahead!


Going into the items, Please follow in the same way that has been mentioned in the items list. Do not jump into a sange and yasha straight away. Just follow the guide. And ofcourse, talking about BKB, u can opt to not get it unless the enemy team has got massive magic damage or a hella lot stuns ( eg. Lina, Lion, Nyx, Chaos Knight, Pudge etc etc , u definitely have to get a BKB). ALSO, You can go for a PHASE BOOTS instead of treads. And Mjollnir is also a good choice here. But stick to the items mentioned above. Or get a Mjollnir! :P

Ofcourse People would not like to play without life steal, but then again, u dont really need lifesteal. **** LIFESTEAL! :D :D


Right! ,, SO ........skills......................
Players would go and heavily skill the 3rd ability for evasion. This is totally wrong. you shud not skill the evasion to max in the beginning cause the enemy team wont attack you much, even if they do, 1 point into the evasion is good enough. You should really look into skilling 1 and 2 for quick kills for you and for your team

Creeping / Jungling

Well, Jungling is not as easy as getting lifesteal and killing neutral creeps. But after you get your yasha and 2 points into PA s passive, its even better than killing with lifesteal!!

Team Work

YES!!! .. Team work is ofcourse important in any game. Don't be idiots and try to fight 1 vs 3. Even if you are PA, you should never jump in without your team.

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