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Perfect lane/off-jungle Doom

February 5, 2016 by Alexis13
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Undestroyable Doom

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


1 8 9 10

Scorched Earth

2 3 5 7

Infernal Blade

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Perfect lane/off-jungle Doom

February 5, 2016


Lucifer, The Doom Bringer is many things, A carry, tank, initiator, distruptor, support, nuker and so on.

There are a lot of builds for doom and many follow a very standard set course, after extensive play on him, him being my favourite hero in terms of style and kit really, I've found a unique and very powerful, aswell as safe way to play him.

Most people who play Doom focus exclusively on maxing devour, despite the fact this makes doom supremely vulnerble early to mid game and it doesn't count on the fact that there are many champions who can fight very aggresively and tower dive early, this build allows doom to defend against this aswell as do the same, whilst still generating 600-700 gold per minute.

Please read this guide fully, as I think you'll find it very useful, enlightening and a unique take on doom.

Ability Analysis


Gold Generation: 25/50/75/100 / Cooldown: 70/60/50/40

Devour is a very powerful, unique and supremely versatile ability, aswell as generating gold its main strength is the amount of different abilities you can devour and gain from jungle monsters with it, and these can completely change an early(substantially), mid and late game.

I'll detail how to use this ability, when to use it, the abilities you can gain and why to max it second in the next chapter.

Scorched Earth.

Ability 10/20/30/40 AoE damage/regeneration / Cooldown: 55

Scorched earth means you need no tango's it's a simple, easy to use, multi-usage, powerful ability that you want to max first.

Scorched Earth AoE damages in a very large aoe radius a second, whilst healing you the same amount and increasing your movement speed, its perfect for escape, chase, team fights, dueling and lane sustain, mixing it with your ring of basilius you can use it on cooldown, early, with no mana worries at all.

You get it early because on low level opponents (including yourself) its healing and aoe damage is massive, allowing you to early lane, jungle and tower dive with ease.

Infernal Blade.

Damage: 40 + 40 1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5% per sec for 4 seconds / Cooldown: 16/12/8/4

Infernal blade is a simple ability, it does a melee attack with 40 damage and a scaling higher damage per level dot on top of that, its great for early game duels aswell as late game tank chunking and chasing + interrupting due to its mini stun.


Damage: 20/35/50 a second for 15 seconds, silences and mutes.

Aghanims Scepter: The Timer does not go down whilst you are there making it a potentially infinite duration, it also breaks the opponent (meaning they can't melee attack either, **** you ursa!)

(I'd suggest only getting aghanims scepter after crimson guard and only if an Ursa is in the other team, otherwise its not necessary)

Not much more to be said about it, its a fantastic ability great for finishing off an annoying champion, shutting down a bothersome mage or just making sure a duel goes your way.

Devour Usage.

Firstly, after you get the abilities you want NEVER devour a jungle creature with them or you'll lose them, you can check their abilities by left clicking them, if they have none then devour away.

**LOW LEVEL DEVOUR** - spamming low level devour just isn't worth it for the gold you gain, it wastes too much mana thats better spent on sustain and jungling with scorched earth, only use it on siege engines that are hard to kill/last hit and give high gold, or if you are at max mana.

Doom has high base damage and a very easy last hit animation, even a high attack range so other creeps don't get in your way, so its much better to simply last hit early.
I start with a teleporation scroll and call my lane and inform my team I must go to the opposite jungle first.

You do this to make sure you find the first jungle creature's abilities you want for most of the early game and go devour it, if its not in the opposite jungle you teleport down and look for it there, or find it and teleport down anyway to your opposite lane (this isn't necessary but efficient if you really want one specific thing)

I won't list all the creep abilities as I find a few of them worthless but here are the good ones.

Lower Tier.

Ogre Frostmage

Ice Armor - Gives max level Liches Ice Armor (Requires mana usage but)
Dark Summoner Troll

Ensnare - 1.75 Snare, 150 mana cost, 20 sec cooldown
Raise Dead - Raise two melee undead minions, 50 mana cost, 25 second cooldown
(requires corpses)

Higher Tier.

Satyr Tormentor

Unholy Aura - 6hp regen aura (passive tango that also heals ally!)
Shockwave - 160 damage shadow projectile, 100 mana, 8 second cooldown (Absolutely fantastic for killing a low hp hero thats running from you and escaping)
Hill Troll Priest

Mana Aura - gives 3+ mana regen as an aura passively! (godly for early game as it lets you spam low level devour early aswell as infernal blade ontop of your scorched earth!)

(it also lets your lane partner go mad with their mana!)

Heal - Heals 15 hp on a 0.5 second cooldown, good for when your scorched earth is on cooldown or to use on your lane partner (a bit monotonous to use though)

Alpha Wolf

Critical Strike - 20% crit chance for 200% crit damage!
Packleaders Aura - 30% more damage passively as an aura!

This is the best ability for mid/late game and its highly adviced you make the time to find/get and never trade it out, its also still fantastic for early game trading and last hitting.

(Yes thats right you can get a crit heroes ability just passively aswell as 30% more damage added on top making it more of a 260% crit and the 30% more damage is an AURA for your TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


All in all Lucifer The Doom Bringer is a fantastic champion with really no counters at all to be honest except ursa and that he starts with -1 armor but that can be fixed by building armor.

His only real weakness is he lacks ranged damage.

As for the items, phase for chase/damage.

Early Crimson guard for armor, and very powerful active to laugh off early game damage.

Assault cuirass for faster jungling, stronger dueling and defense.

Black King Bar for damage aswell as magic immunity for when you are shut down too often or against high magic damage

Heart of Tarrasque for damage and pure tankiness

Lastly Satanic for more damage/health and incredible Self healing.

(you may also get Octarine Core for scorched earth/doom self healing and cooldowns, though I'd prefere satanic)

Recent Build Testing and Use.

Recent Testing of this build

Build against fully fed enemies with pudge, ursa and sniper(who isn't really that bad)

Was able to duel the 6500+ hp pudge 1v1

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