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Paradox's pudge guide

July 25, 2013 by Parradox
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Build 1
Build 2

defensive pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

Starting items

Healing Salve
Gauntlets of Strength
Gauntlets of Strength
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

early items

Sage's Mask
Boots of Speed
Magic Wand


Arcane Boots
Urn of Shadows

Late game

Drum of Endurance
Force Staff
Aghanim's Scepter
Shadow Blade


Pipe of Insight
Heart of Tarrasque
Hood of Defiance
Linken's Sphere
Ghost Scepter

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

2 4 5 7


1 3 8 10

Flesh Heap

9 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Paradox's pudge guide

July 25, 2013


Hey guys this is my first guide so go easy on me. First of all this is a defensive pudge build were you still can go offensive but stay behind your team and give them some support. First of all i am going to explain the item build and what items you should keep and or get rid off. Then i will talk about the skill build and why i think it is appropriate.


First of all you will want to get two gauntlets of strength, two health potions, one potion of clarity and one branch. You will need to upgrade those gauntlets into bracers you can go one bracer,then boots then another bracer or go two bracers and then get your boots. After you finish with that you will need to upgrade your boots as fast as possible.

Your mana will be running to low to help your team in killing people and or hooking friendlies in trouble. You will then go either force staff, drum of endurance or urn of shadows all you have to do is make an educated guess on which one you think would help the team more.

It really all depends on how your team is going if they are getting lots of kills then urn of shadows would be a smart thing to buy because you can heal yourself up as well as friendlies but i would not recommend to use it on enemies because the damage is not good enough and your hook has such large range and combined with your force staff you have plenty of range.

Force staff would be if you want to get some good hooks off quickly,rescue allies by pushing them and of course pushing yourself to hook an ally. Pipe of course has some obvious uses but really it is a late game item is you have some money but nothing to spend it on. Pipe would be your last item to get.

Now will drum you will need to continue to buy recipes so that you can keep on using the activate able ability but the recipe costs 750 gold and that tends to be a difficult amount of money to get so i suggest not to continually spam your drum. And i would also suggest it would be the last item you would get out of the three because it is to expensive to maintain.

Also with the boots you can get tranquil boots if you wanted to and it is a good idea because of the added movement speed that it gives you plus the armor and health regen. But i have found that you run low on mana very quickly. I have tried this build with a friend playing KOTL and i found it quite successful and works really well with a bottle. But you will have such a small mana pool that characters that can steal intelligence very effective and will counter pudge in general but with mana boots it is harder.


Pudge plays as a very weird character him relying on people being close to him but deals most damage at ranged. Pudge is a good support killer and when tanky he can easily disrupt carries for a reasonable amount of time. The only way pudge players can be successful is when he lands good hooks.

But do not be discourage by hooking it is all about trial and error and bluffing the enemy. People will say you are a bad pudge if you miss a hook but even then you have forced them back allowing you to get more xp then them and it will keep them on there toes and will not push as much as other characters.

Pudge is a character when played mid is probably the best ganker in my opinion personally. Ganking is what i really love its where the most skill is shown. With pudges hook means he doesn't even have to get into the lane or let them see him before it is too late.

Hooking is all about judge where they will go even if you miss you have been successful at disrupting the farming and will stop extending. plus if you have positioned yourself correctly you can still run in and rot them to death if the lane your ganking have stuns. Pudge also rellys on good team work for instance if your team runs ahead of you your hooks are almost guaranteed to miss or hook and ally.

There comes a risk and reward when hooking you can miss and hit a creep or you can hit a ally who has almost killed some one. But the best moments come when you hook and somehow get someone it is a awesome feeling. There have been sometimes where i have saved several allies with this build by hooking them our of there team then healing them up.

Teamfights can be a bit weird with pudge even when fed for example when he has a heart he should still should initiate but not be involved in the team fight anymore. And should just be trying to pick of people who are dealing a lot of damage or just a support in the back. For instance shadow fiend is a very squishy carry who can deal a lot of damage but still remains squishy and makes pudge a very easy counter for shadow fiend and this is because he can drag him out of a fight where his is not prepared and deal a lot of damage where all your team can damage him.

This means that you can win a teamfight without even starting one and can sometimes win you the game. With pudge's positioning is key with the right spot people won't get you and you can deal a lot of damage at the same time. Hiding is the key make people think your support/squishy is pushing while you hide in the trees he is still getting the buffs from your items but people will try to get a free hook and if your squishy knows what he is doing he can stand in the open and you can hook the attacker/attackers very easily completely confusing them and make them run away leaving you with a kill and pushing a tower.


This build is more of a suggested item list and for an offensive pudge with buying a bottle first you have plenty of regen and you can manage the runes. after ganking with then previous build your would either hope you didn't lose much health and mana but with this build you can use all of your bottle charges then when you are laning in mid and then hopefully pick up a rune to then recharge your bottle but this build you will be quite reliant on the bottle and the rune spawns and you will need a support to ward the runes.

These items are more of a suggestion that you can add into the previous build a more loosely built build where personal preference comes into play I suggest you use this build to change around what you think you should buy for pudge but these items are a lot more offensive than the other ones and you can easily make a hybrid build for pudge this is possible due to pudges passive flesh heap which mean the more kills you get the more charges you get which increase his magic resistance and strength and this mean an offensive pudge will always be looking for a kill or a gank.

Counters or who counters him

Pudge is a very immobile character relying on poor positioning and the element of surprise to confuse the enemy and work with the chaos with his team. Unfortunately this can be countered by being careful and pudge has mainly two ways to be countered his very low intelligence and have vision of him with wards. This gets rid of the element of surprise and can mean a pudge can be open to all sorts of counter ganks.

Character who steal intelligence or mana and very good picks to counter pudge very easily because pudge has a very low amount of mana and intelligence these picks being Silencer, Out world demolishes or whatever he is called now.

Characters that work really well with pudge are characters that can stun or disable and or slow because it makes them very easy targets for hooks. One character that is not picked very much that can work well with pudge is Phantom Assassin because of her Q is a serious slow. As well as venomancer has his Q which is also a very good slow. Plus all stunners really mayby except alchemist due to the fact that everyone can see the number on his head counting down the stun.


Hey i hope you guys enjoyed this guide i spent some time making it and i would like some advise on your opinion about it. Have a great day guys catch you guys later :D

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