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Pangolier 7.07

November 10, 2017 by Always Meant to be
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Pangolier 7.07 (Core)

DotA2 Hero: Pangolier

Hero Skills

Fortune Favors the Bold (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Shield Crash

4 9 11 13

Lucky Shot

2 8 14 16

Rolling Thunder

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-16s Rolling Thunder Cooldown
-2.5s Swashbuckle Cooldown
+125 Shield Crash Radius and Damage
+15% Attack Damage as Swashbuckle Damage
+2s Rolling Thunder Duration
+100 Shield Crash Barrier Per Hero
+250 Swashbuckle slash range
+4 Lucky Shot Armor Reduction

Introducing to pangolier

Hello guyz... before I start to discuss about it I wanna say that im not a native english speaker so you may find grammatical errors or wrong spells, sry for that...
Pangolier is a carry hero, nuker, disabler, escape , durable and the most important initiator...
You have to know its capability to play it well... he can be a great offlaner and extremely good ganker.and later in the game he can split push well...
He has swashbuckle as his first skill which can be used for escaping, initiatin, nuking and flash farming...
His second skill is shield crash which is an aoe nuke which is good for teamfights and is not much needed before his ultimate
His third skill is passive and his ultimate ,makes him a ball which can damage and stun the enemies.


Good Escape by using ultimate (ultimate allows u to use items such as Tp) and/or Q.
First skill procs deso bash difusal skad etc so it can really weakens enemy
counter of most off the illusion based heroes (such as pl)
flash farming ability makes him a good farmer and good split pusher
has good disable
hard to flee away from him
has a good damage reduction
good mobility
good ganker

Heroes with pierce spell immunity can tear him down
vulnerable to silence
needs lots of farm
can easily out-carried by harder carries late game
low turn rate when ultimate
may suffer from lacks of mana early game

Items and skill

The ietms i wrote above are just some ietms which can make him good and u must choose items which makes best for him...
Early game phaseboot is the best boot for him in my opinion
Sange and yasha will give him good attack speed and more durability
Basher is the most important i think. Cause when u use your first skill it almost always bash. U can use it to go infront of enemy which is retreating and them he will be bashed and has nowhere to go...
Difusal blade is very great item for him...
And maelstorm lets him better last hitting in addition to attack speed given
Boots of travel makes him a great split pusher combined with his first skill and he can retreat easily by using his ultimate
Ac is good too by giving him att speed and armor
Allthe items above are usefull for him and can be used
his first skill can procs bash and diffusal blade and skadi so this items are great for him to use...another good item is manta style.
u can use your first skill,then manta and then ultimate. meanwhile your illusions are attacking the enemy when they are trying to avoid your ultimate and u can bash them makes it easier for ur team to finish off the enemy since they can not tp away while u r bashing them and mana burn made by db and ms.

For skills, as u may noticed you must max his first skill... his ultimate has low cdr so can use it well but try some demo hero because when it hits the first enemy its handling will become a bit harder...
His second skill is a good combo with his first one so can max it second... passive one is good to as it slows the enemy and pierce which has a good combination with deso or mkb

Friends,Counters and enemies

Bloodseeker's rupture hurts pangolier alot. and bloodrite can silence him which makes him very useless since he can not use skills

Kotl mana leak destroys pangoliers mana and stuns him while using ultimate

Silencer and doom silences

Axe can pierce spell immunity so he can interrupt pangos ult
Enigma same as above
Beast master same as above
Meepo, pangoliers first skill can hurt meepos alot, his ultimate will damage and stun meepos and prevent the enemy from geting away the hurt meepos and most important his second skill nuke will damage meelos and will reduce damages a lot (dont know exactly but something about 50percent or more)

Phantom lancer, his illusions are useless infront of pangolier

Naga siren, same as above

Timbersaws additional armors will dominated by pangos passive

High armored heroes.

Necro, he must choose between physical damages or pangos combos

Kunka almost have no chance to beat pango as long as his high mobility makes him a hard target for ghost ship and a well timed ultimate will dominate kunkas combo (Xmark ultimate and water stuns)

Sand king is supposed to go invis in the sands he creates... while burst of aeo damages and stuns of pango makes him an easy target

Techies is supposed to show himself to you, so you can follow into your death in land of landmines. And ultimate helps you kill him while you can use swishbuckle as a good escape

Tinker, he comes , use his skills, daggers in the tree, then tp base... just ultimate to trees and he has nothing to do more

Lich gives his teammates armor, u can negate it for your teammates

Dark seer, va*** can bring enemies togheter, pangos ult and swashbuckle will damage alot but a good W an give you more than 50percent damage reduction

Magnus ultimate same as above, empower can help pango farm more efficiently

Enigma s ult same as above

Invokers alacrity will help pango alot, and pango can gank mid well

Axe can taunt enemis well while pango swishbucke, shield crash and ultimate

Crystal maiden, a well timed ultimate plus pangos ult tear enemies down

Life stealer, infest in pango... roll into the enemies come out,,, Gg wp

Slardar. Negative armore and Pangos passive

Sniper stays behind pew pew ing enemies while you ultimated in the middle of the enemies


It was an early guide to this hero and offcourse it has lots of problems... u can comment here your IDEAS of how to playing him and share your experiences... and by the way, his talent tree is completly situational and everypody can change it as his own prefers.
Tnx for reading this and notice me if you found something good for this hero. Ill add them here.
Guys, This guide is the best guide for this hero as long as it has more winrate than the other ones and always eemember that:I WAS The FIRST ONE To Introduce OFFLANE PANGOLIER Which has much more winrate than the other positions

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