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PA.. no one can run

July 26, 2016 by kakprim
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Phantom Assain Agility Gained

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

starting item

early game

Core item



Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

4 9 12 14


2 8 10 13

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18


Higuys My name is kakprim.. and i have been two years for play dota2. Now i wanna share my guide one of my favourite hero Phantom assasin based from my experience. This guide will make PA have high Agility so Pa will have high attack speed and armor. I saw many players play Phantom Assasin building item is standard. They build increase PA damage but not PA stats. We all know when his primary attribute increase so his damage increase, so i think PA just need item build to increase his agility as his primary attribute. This build maybe different from many dota2 players, but if u try this your PA have more durable.

Why diffusal and vanguard as core item

maybe u will ask why diffusal and vanguard as core item, not dominator and BKB. As my experience if i cast BKB and phantom strike to enemy, enemy will run and duration of stiffling dagger PA only short duration to make the enemy slow so enemy will survive and they will aim pa when BKB duration expired.

Helm Of dominator = 1800 and BKB = 3975
Vanguard = 2150 and diffusal = 3150

lets we compare when pa has dominator and BKB so his network same as he has Vanguard and diffusal. if pa only has Dominator and BKB he can stiffling dagger and phantom strike and cast BKB so he not stopped but enemy still can run so no guarantee of enemy die. Imagine if pa have vanguard and Diffusal he stiffiling dagger + Phantom Stike + and purge enemy with diffusal enemy sure die even PA got Interrupt but PA has more durable with VAnguard that given extra HP 250 thats make PA still survive from magical damage that counter PA.

Why Item Stat not item damage ?

Now i wanna explain you why stat item better than damage item for PA. I saw many Player have two ways to counter PA with his Blur. first way they will pick nuker and magical damage second way Monkey King BAr.

Many games I saw Pa is nothing If his enemy has Monkey King Bar, But this build make u still hard to kill even enemy have Monkey King Bar. if PA build increase his agilty so his armor will increase too and PA has high agility gain 3.15 / level. remember 7 point of agility give 1 armor. if u build item that increase his agility like manta style, diffusal blade, eye of skadi and butterfly pa will have armor until 30+ and his physical damage resistane is up until 70%, so even his enemy have Monkey King BAr, Pa still hard to kill cause high armor that reduce phisical damage.

ok guys i hope u like this guide maybe u will say my build is strange. if wanna try this build i will be thank to you.

last word i m sorry if my english so bad..hehehe

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