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Owh man. Why do I get a Rampage?

December 14, 2016 by Kazuyoshi
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This is what 9k mmr feels like.

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Hero Skills

Boundless Strike

1 11 14 15

Tree Dance

3 8 12 13

Jingu Mastery

5 9 16 17

Wukong's Command

2 4 7 10



Owh man. Why do I get a Rampage?

December 14, 2016


I'm not that good in english. Just read and test it out! :)

*There's no ultimate skill logo so it kinda fuc*ed up*

So read it and understand it in your own way, I sure you'll get it.

First of all

The rules in this guide is:

1. Test it
2. If it works perfectly or need to fix something, Please comment
3. Enjoy
4. Watch the good animation tho, the moves, the escaping animation turned me on.

*The last part im just joking ok?*

Pros / Cons


- Ez to escape
- Good animation
- Reminds me of sung go kong
- Funny Mischief Skill
- And a good hero like the other agility users


- Getting silenced is a nightmare
- Easy to steal kill others
- Hard to win at 1v1 situation
- Not much mana
- Little Squishy at early game
- One annoying motherfuc**r


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