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Overpowered Tank Carry

December 23, 2014 by Ripslasher
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DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

9 10 12 14

Aphotic Shield

1 4 8 13

Curse of Avernus

2 3 5 7

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18

Overpowered Tank Carry

December 23, 2014


Abaddon The Lord Of Avernus is a Melee Strength Hero with high Durability and Flexibility that allows him to play a variety of roles Including a carry (Although Most people say it's incredibly difficult it actually is quite simple). Bur his Ultimate is easily countered by High Damage Nukes at the right time so as much as Possible manually activate his ultimate.


Generally what you should do is stay in either the top lane or bottom lane or if you have no choice go mid, the quelling blade and gauntlet will help in last hitting the creeps will the clarity will help you spam Aphotic Shield shield more and since you usually are a support early on you'll have to buy the courier and upgrade it if you have to the tranquil boots is a stable source of healing in the laning phase which will let you stay in the lane and avoid the occasional harassment. The Mask Of Madness is there for life steal and as another HP source that will let you tank a little longer the Crystalys is there so you can pack a little more punch but before you upgrade to Daedalus always get the Blademail otherwise you won't be able to do much. After getting the Mask Of Madness and Crystalys Go do Roshan (you should be able to kill him at level 7 if you have Blademail use it) use the Mask Of Madness and Aphotic Shield to your advantage. The Assault Cuirass will let you get more armor, hit harder, faster and reduce enemy armor (You seriously need this so Jungle when you get the Mask Of Madness and Crystalys if your losing too much health heal up with the tranquil boots first. The Battle Fury will let you Deal alot of Damage to the enemy team and the Abyssal blade gives you a much needed Bash that you lack. Get Aghanims if your team mates are being targeted first the Armlet will let you soak a bit more damage and deal a little more in return and you get healed by it when Borrowed Time is on (Possible Bug as Soul Ring will not heal you). The Eye of Skadi gives a nice stat bonus plus a Slow effect but it does not work with battle fury so pick only one of them or switch when you have to and the crimson guard is for your team while the heart will make you tankier. The Monkey King Bar is for killing those annoying evasive enemies like Phantom Assasin (In Fact You can Hunt Her down with no effort) and the refresher orb is for an extra ultimate letting you finish off an entire team alone as long as they don't have too many disables and you might wanna pick up an extra Battlefury or Daedalus as 2 of either Significantly increases your Damage Per Second and Upgrade the courier when you have to. This Build was Tested against real players (Albeit we were losing at first we won in the end after I got too hard to kill they Focused on me which went according to plan thanks to the Blademail) but be careful with your kill streak because if you get more kills you get a very big price on your head and an exponentially longer respawn time. Oh and it's up to you about which items to keep because there are no Luxury items and the reason would be that Abaddon is incredibly Flexible

Pros / Cons

The Pros Of This Build:
1. You are alot more Dangerous than any other Carry
2. You Soak an Incredibly huge amount of damage
3. You can kill an entire team alone provided they wasted their disables on you before borrowed time activates
4. Easy Kills
The Cons Of This Build:
1. Not guaranteed to get these items quickly
2. They will start focusing on you after a while
3. You will need to do Roshan whenever you can as a significant amount of gold and XP comes from him
4. Might Get a little boring ( Actually Very Boring as it will become nearly impossible to kill you in a team fight )
5. Your team will start getting overconfident

Remember albeit your One Man Army Like Strength you can still be killed even with this Build and remember that the Game isn't over Until you destroy the opposing team's ancient so Team Work is Best Applied at all times and also please let your carries have a few of the kills because if they have Doom you're screwed.

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