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Orge glass cannon carry 7.23.

December 21, 2019 by Lasher
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all lane ( only use this build when go mid or go with a ranged hero on offlane or safelane )

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

Hero Skills

Dumb Luck (Innate)


1 3 8 10


2 4 9 11


7 13 14 15


6 12 18


Hero Talents

+240 Fireblast Damage
+17% Fireblast chance
+30 Bloodlust Attack Speed
+30 Strength
+2/0.01 Dumb Luck Max Mana/Mana Regen Per Strength
+80 Damage
-1s Fireblast Cooldown
+15 Ignite DPS

Orge glass cannon carry 7.23.

December 21, 2019

My first guide

This is the guide for people who want to play orge in new style
Pick this hero when :
- u feel boring
- no hero like BS, FL, Riki, BH, ... on enemy team
- u was kicked by your gf or crush
Dont pick when :
- starting to play this game
- u have no patience cuz this hero move extremely slow :)))))
How to play
early game
buy 6 mango and 1 healing slave
upgrade the fireblast first and then harassing enemy with it ( only use it on carry , dont use on tanker like Ck, tide, sven, es, ...)
upgrade ignite and use it same way with fireblast
try to farm and dont go to far a way from your twr ( except u have a carry go with - ranged only )
mid game
split out , hide in wood , try to use your luck and skill and dagon to burst down enemy ligh heal carry hero ( sniper, drow, wr, ...)
after having some kills go back with your team and try to make some combat with the first target is enemy carry , dont focus on enemy tank , just stun them and harrass them with your skill
use bloodlust on your carry
late game
same like mid game except u have to go with team all the time

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