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Op Endgame Sniper

July 9, 2015 by BladeRavinger
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Blade's Build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills



1 3 5 8

Take Aim

2 4 7 9


6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Op Endgame Sniper

July 9, 2015


Im not building this for advice, i just fancied posting my build so i knew what others thought about my master carrier class

So have a browse and tell me what you think, this build never steered me wrong.




On Spawn Grab some boots of speed, as sniper moves very slow these are essential so you can escape combat if you are caught off guard.
Also an essential is Tango's run away and heal up, if you die this early in the game you will find it very hard to come back.
And The Iron Branch is Recommended just to give you a little buff in all areas

Aim For Gold, you dont need massive kills or EXP, Gold is your friend, but dont let my word stop you from hanging next to the creeps, you still need EXP but gold is more important

Grab Power Treads as soon as you can, and set them to Agility. this gives overall buffs, from damage to attack speed

Get Yourself A Claymore Or Shadow Amulat
Depending if you Want speed or damage
ultimately you will get the other to make your shadow blade

Level 1
Usually i will get Headshot for the extra damage and stun power.

But if the Opp's have someone such as Drow Ranger who's Range Can Rival Your own, Grab Take Aim Instead so you can grief her without endangering yourself more then you have to

Level 2
Grab Take Aim for your range increase

If You Grabbed Take Aim at Level 1 Grab Headshot

Level 3-5
Alternate Between Take Aim And Headshot
until you can get your Ult Assassinate! at level 6

Mid Game

As You get To around level 8/9 if all goes well you should be close to having your Shadow Blade,

once you have it you need to grab maelstrom,
this will give you Chain Lightning, this is great for dealing extra damage against groups of hero's As well as creeps, increasing your damage, attack speed and income, win win win!

you should be looking at level 12/13 about now even if you havent you should get Mjollnir

again more attack speed and Chain lightening, your set for the big leagues, group up with your team and push hard on lanes, your still not stong enough to go it alone, and lets face it, as sniper you never will be, your a glass cannon, go lay down some DPS.

Stay Alive

Late Game

During Late Game Buy situational items, what ever fits the needs, more damage, more health

at this point you can start building up a tankier class, though in the case of someone such as Spirit Breaker As opp, you need more damage.

So as i said buy what works for your situation

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