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One Trick Pony

April 7, 2016 by CropUpAnywhere
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One Trick Pony

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills



Holy Persuasion

Divine Favor

2 3 5 7

Hand of God

6 11 16


1 4 8 9 10 12 13 15 17 18

About the author

Hi! I'm CropUpAnywhere. I've been playing DOTA 2 for months now, and I'm pretty damn good at it, I pick up a new hero - I excel.

My MMR is like 900 or something, but that's up 400 from when I calibrated not long ago as I am excellent at carrying noobs who don't want to win. Having played this game for over four months and almost a month of ranked play, I am well informed and extremely capable in the game. I have a 100% record using this hero with absolutely no losses using my build, so it's definitely the best way to go. Point is, I'm good, so this guide is good.

Don't give me any advice about the guide please because my way is best way and I won't be changing it.

Introduction to Chen

Chen is one of those heroes with more than 4 abilities, I'm sure it can be daunting for new players, but with Chen you really have only one ability. Controlling the neutrals to do your bidding for you. This is the only ability of any worth until you get your ultimate, which while not strictly necessary is useful for your team-mates so unless you play with a stack that has complete trust in you, I suggest you skill it.

With my 'One trick Pony' guide, you will find yourself far more powerful than your opponents as they will waste their levels on skills that can't compare to your precious stats. Chen has I think 3 other abilities that I have not yet mentioned, but they are useless so basically you're the stats man.

Pros / Cons


    Push towers quickly, finish the game early
    better stats than anyone else
    nobody will expect this strat

    Leaving someone in a solo lane
    Team might not agree with your vision of a better hero


Holy Persuasion - Control a neutral creep, you want as many as you can, so level this to max.


Starting items:
You want to buy a couple of clarity and one tangoes. everything else goes towards boots.

Then you'll build towards mana boots and then Vlads.

After you've pushed at least one lane you might want some extra damage, so go for the divine rapier.

There is absolutely no reason to buy other items, your stats basically cover everything, you will be a tank with a creep army and nothing to stop you from smashing that ancient.


First thing you want to do as a Chen is level your stats. Obviously this seems like depriving yourself of your one trick, but it is absolutely necessary. First skill stats and go to lane, your superior stats at this stage will dominate the lane and the player you're going to leave solo will appreciate a good start. So for your first level you zone the lane for them, get a few last hits if necessary and you can probably go for a kill since you're a beast of a Chen stat monster this early in the game.

Level 2

Once you hit level 2 your lane is basically already won if you've played it right - which you have because of your superior stats. So now you can get your mind control ability and head off into the jungle. The goal of Jungling phase is to get to level 5 so that you have 3 creeps to push towers with. How do you do that? control the big ones, hit the small ones. Use tangos as necessary, it's not all that difficult.

Level 5

You now have 3 creeps, nobody wants to mess with this fierce army, buy vlads and push a tower, when that tower is down you will push the next one. If anybody comes to kill you, crush them with your stats and then put your next level into some stats so that you can crush them again.

Level 11

Well between 7 and 11 you should be building your rapier. Since you have hella stats from your levels at this point you're already pretty OP, so get a nice big damage item and push for the early win. You should have rapier around 20 mins and you should be destroying the ancient no later than 25. Preferably both would be 5 mins earlier than that though.


If you struggle to deal with a hero with plenty of skills, or like me you play on Steam controller and can't be arsed to change your binding, or you just want to win with Chen, then this build is ideal.

You might say he doesn't even need the one skill, but come on dude, to try to jungle with stats alone? well that would be foolhardy!

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