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0 Votes's Ultimate Sniper Build!

August 28, 2013 by Frazer69
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


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Take Aim

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15 17 18's Ultimate Sniper Build!

August 28, 2013


Hi people my name's Rob from

This build is what I have found to be the most consistent and takes parts from other popular builds.

I have tried to structure it as simple as possible as this build is more for newer players, hence why it doesn't contain any situational items, at this stage anyway.

Tips on buying

When buying items like the Shadow Blade for example, always buy the Claymore first and then the Shadow Amulet because both of these items will then turn into the Shadow Blade.

If slot space is an issue like when buying the required items for the Daedalus you may have to either sell your cheapest item like the Magic Stick or drop it until you have made the Daedalus and pick it back up again or re-purchase it.

If you have a slot or two free at any stage it's always a good idea to purchase a Town Portal Scroll to either warp back to base for a heal or warp to allies to give a hand.

I have included the Courier in the initial buying phase as the Sniper generally gets a lot more gold than any other Hero and it keeps the kidz happy!

Tips on Playing

When laning with the Sniper be sure to get as many last hits and denies as possible to ensure all of the gold goes to you so you can purchase the necessary items you will definitely need to start your pwnage!

Always keep your Shadow Blade on a key that is easy to access like 'z' for example as in some cases you will have to get out of the action quickly if someone tries to gank you by surprise!

The beauty of using the Tranquil Boots is with a bit of luck you shouldn't have to waste money on Healing Salves and it will free up an inventory slot!

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