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January 3, 2013 by SNSingleG
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omni = carry #yolo #swag #420

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 4 5 7


2 12 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

3 8 9 10

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18


Yes, dagon. Perfection for the cost of only 7000 plus cash.

Late Game

It's time for the enemy to say GG when you have your DPS and AS items out. Be sure to tell the enemy what items you buy so as to strike fear into their hearts. Omniknight is invincible thanks to his repel, essentially a 6 sec BKB at lvl 1 WHICH IS OP OUT OF THIS WORLD and guardian angel, which you should use for yourself and yourself only.

Laning/Ganking Phase

Main thing about omniknight is to get as many last hits as possible. If you can't commit yourself to scoring last hits, never play this hero. You will come under loads of harass if you're not laning with a competent support player, so do not hesitate to flame a terrible lane partner. During ganking phase, PURIFICATION=KILL STEAL, which means you have to killsteal EVERY damn enemy hero that your team ganks or else you will not be able to carry.

Item Discussion

For starting items, you can choose to buy several gauntlets and regen items, and a quelling blade to esure better last hitting. I'm not such a fan of clarities but if you want you might choose to buy some due to omni's high mana expenditure. As for wards and supportive ****, TO HELL WITH THAT. YOU'RE A CARRY and never stop telling yourself that. You need a good support on your lane to constantly harass the enemy and buy wards and ****. If he's not good, thrash talk him into good shape. "You little **** not even harassing the enemies wtf man you noob" is a great way to start your string of trashtalks.

80% of omni guides recommend mana boots and the soul ring, and those guides are downright wrong. WHY THE HELL BUILD MANA BOOTS WHEN YOU COULD CHASE WITH FREAKING PHASE?!? Phase synergises well with degen aura and makes landing purification a lot less hellish, given purification's pitiful range.

Eul's scepter is perfect because it can disable heroes to land a nice purification, and solve his mana problems. Blink dagger allows omni to chase and destroy enemy MS with degen, and can help you land a purification as well. In fact, it is perfectly justified as long as you get either one; don't waste cash on silly items like mek or pipe, which are for freaking losers who don't know how to activate the manmode omnikinght.

Now, you're probably wondering, what the hell dude, why build a freaking daedalus on Omni? Your wondering is thus flawed because all of the GG items included are perfect for omniknight. Shadow blade could be an alternative to blink and eul but the enemy might be smart enough to employ dust or gem to counter that. MoM, mjolnir and cuirass for pure AS, divine rapier for the GG factor and heart/halberd for damage and even more invincibility. No other hero in the ENTIRE freaking game can utilise these as well as omni can, BECAUSE HE IS PURE INVINCIBILITY bottled in mortal form (some say he is chuck norris himself).

The Only Way to Pubstomp as the Invincible OmniKnight

This guide is mainly written out of rage towards those losers who keep playing omniknight as a support. Well, let me tell you, HE'S NOT. This guy is FREAKING INVINCIBLE and can become a beast late game, having the potential in soloing enemy teams and beating the living daylights out of unfortunate heroes who ever cross his path. If you play omniknight as a support, sure, your team will see you as beneficial to their survivability, but you get next to NO KILLS compared to them. What the hell? Now it is time for manmode omni to step into pubs and thrash all who stand in his way.

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