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March 4, 2013 by boots722
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Make them cry

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8


7 10 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

2 4 9 12

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18


March 4, 2013

Being Omni

Preferably lane with a ranged character, hopefully with a stun or snare. Take some last hits to get your starter items, boots and basilius asap.

Level three you are a killing machine, unless vastly out-stunned. The heal is good damage at level 2, and you're perma-snare is a nightmare for enemies fleeing early. If you and your lane partner do it right, easy kills.

Get in team fights to get the gold for boots of travel. The ult is an awesome tower dive move, and a good lifesaver in fights you arrive late too. Make sure to keep repel on carries during fights and if heal is up and not desperately needed by a team mate, go in and use it for damage. Make sure to stay on enemies fleeing for the snare, chase them right under towers if you have help.

Get those boots and you're golden. You can run anyone down and snare them good, keeping them occupied until help arrives. Pay attention on the map, and use boots of travel to port into (or near) fights and save teammates.

Once the game gets going, you gotta fight smart. Stay out of initiation, getting stun-locked and/or silenced turns you into a puddle of goo. After the enemies initiate, use the ult when the enemy carrys (physical damage) come in to hurt teammates. Try to position yourself to swoop in and ult, then start dropping heals and repel.

This guide isn't the traditional mech/mana/pipe build, because that is pretty much overdone. Be a baller and surprise the enemy teams with a mobile support and "damage" role.

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