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March 6, 2013 by SerialKillerWhale
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Heavenly Grace

9 13 16 18

Hammer Of Purity

2 4 8 10

Guardian Angel

6 11 15


12 14 17


March 6, 2013


Omniknight is a support, everyone knows that, but did anyone look at the rest of what he can do? He can help someone get first blood with purify and degen, starting his carry's farm heavy. He can walk right up to the other team's carry and slow their attack rate by a quarter, and later on, with this build, cut it in half. Late game, he turns into a powerful teamfight winner, with what can be considered scaling since 100% armor is still 100% armor in late game. He'll win you games, help you push, and even if he can't kill the other side by himself, His team will be more than happy to oblige with damage while he provides defense.


This is a tank/support omniknight meant to counter physical DPS (Read: Drow godamn ranger and Co.)

It's also my first guide, and it's worked for me pretty well as long as there aren't any GODAMN DISABLING BASTARDS on the other side.


Yeah, I know this build is rather expensive for supports, but hear me out.
It's not meant to be finished, it's meant to be a build you constantly build up to throughout the match. I only finished it at level 22. If you do somehow finish it, spend on getting yourself back in the fight.

There are a total of 4 possible item Builds I listed here. If you have plenty of mana-dependant heroes on your side, grab some arcane boots, but otherwise, power treads further increase your durability.

If you deal with anyone who likes to sneak away or use illusions (Phantom Lancer and Stealth Assassin in particular) bring a gem of true sight. Considering your durability, it'll be quite difficult for anyone to make you drop it. Otherwise, a refresher orb lets you use your ultimate much more, and considering it basically makes everyone on the other side lose control of their bowels? Worth it.

Shiva's guard, when paired with a full degen aura, literally lets you cut the other side's attack rate in half, this basically means you can walk up to a physical carry, say "WHATSUP BRO" and watch them recoil in horror at losing half their damage.

If the teamfight's over and the other team's running, use your increased speed, along with Shiva's Active to stop the other team from running and let your team finish them off.

If it went south though? Just drop shiva's active and haul ***.


This omniknight build uses Repel very rarely, It's not very practical against disables, but it's very effective against pretty much everything else.

Purify is maxed early on to help feed your carry some early kills and degen is just too good to pass up with it's deceptively strong effects.

Stats increase your tanking. I don't see repel doing that as well.

Pros / Cons

-Genocides anything that uses physical damage
-Doesn't become useless in late game unlike most supports

-Hates disables
-Magic damage hurts others on your team.
-Your damage isn't that high.


When you use Guardian Angel. Say either "CANT TOUCH THIS" or "OMNIHAMMER TIME"

Farm jungle in mid if you survived a teamfight, but most of your team didn't. Creeps make you visible and thus possibly get yourself ganked. (Although if they want to gank you with 50% of their damage on someone with that much hp they'd probably have a rapier)

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