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OMG It's a Blackhoole!

October 28, 2014 by Rathumpa
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills

Gravity Well (Innate)


2 4 8 10

Demonic Summoning

1 3 5 7

Midnight Pulse

9 12 13 14

Black Hole

6 11 16


15 17 18

OMG It's a Blackhoole!

October 28, 2014


Hello, My name's Rathumpa, and welcome to my second build, please respond to any mistake I made so that I can correct it, thank you

Enigma's a superb jungler and can take on large camp (although not reccomended) on level one, if you're lucky and have above-average micro skills, His ult is best known to deal ludicrous amount of damage and can 5-man disable himself, making him one of the best disabler on Dota to date

Items: Jungle

All of the starting items are pretty self-explanatory
You'd want to rush Soul ring because it's your jungling backbone
I might add, you are best likely to get Headress first because It gives you and your kids a little bit of HP regen, Total of 7.2 HP per second plus soul ring, which is quite ludicrous
Rush Mek, keep jungling until you get it, it's the backbone of all supports
In this guide, Eul's a must, It gives you MS, a cheap disable, and ludicrous mana regen, at this point if you ran out of space, just sell soul ring, you already got the mana regen you need
Blink's a very good item in synergy with Eul, if you're trapped and being 3v1'd you could just Eul yourself and blink to safety, or just stun one enemy and eul on the other, and place Midnight Pulse, and then run for your life
After everything has failed, Push Staff can save your life, just don't use it every so often, It has 20 second CD escape, which is quite long in terms of death or life with 20 HP left
You should get Aghs after everything has been purchased, It stacks with your Mid Pulse, dealing total of roughly max 87% of enemy's health and approx 400 dmg (max level), It will kill anyone, or to the least make them vunerable to your autoattack or your teammate's kill sweep
Refresher will blow your enemy out, 140% enemy's health?? (double blackhole with Mid pulse), Even centaur with 6 Tarrasque can't handle that,
Basi's not reccomended, but can be acquired for moar mana and moar armor, assuming you randomed and still got money to spend on
Shiva's great item to swoop enemies after your blackhole, dem sweet rampages
If your hands are quick enough, you can cast Veil and deal EVEN MORE damage, though not reccomended assuming the enemies are quite skilled to stop you after the veil is cast
If all fails, BKB and GScepter is the answer, just Rambo in, Veil, Mid Pulse, and Blackhole to victory

Items: Laning

It's pretty much the same, but instead of using your kids to farm, you use it to harass the heck out of your enemies, also, you can get soul ring here, but not necessary, since you're not jungling and you can rush Eul instead


Eidolons are gotten Fisrt and Foremost, It's your bread and butter to do useful things
Malefice can be gotten third or second, It's just a matter of A kill or a hardcore harass
Mid Pulse's kinda good, but since it's quite early, noone have a 2000 HP and you will pretty much deal the same damage with your kids, if not more
Blackhole's gotten ANYTIME you got the chance to, Do not miss that sweet kill

How To

First off, go with the small camps, this will at least made your kids into 4 beings, then start with medium/large camp, rinse and repeat, If you got 6 kids and their lifespan is still long, go to the enemy's ancient and farm there, apply Eidolons to your kids, and rinse and repeat. This should yield you Soul ring at 3 min, Mek at 7-10 min, and Mana Boots at 12-15 mins, then start ganking, if you do it right, you should get eul by 20 mins, continue farming till you get blink, which is about 25-30 mins, and push to get forsce staff, do an ocassional ganks everytime you farm, like sending your kids to harass the enemy, they will start attacking your kids, but you can just stun them, and your teamate will help you kill them, or vice versa, if done right you should get fullset items in abour 30-40 mins, and dont forget to buy wards every so often, and place wards one at a time, place it to the nearest place to your jungle, it'll detect most ganks and should help your mids with runes


If done right, Enigma can beat most carries if done well enough, andcan yield a huge amount of gold in a short time, thanks to its kids with multiplication ability, and should be done right

Thats all folks, Thanks for reading, and leave a respond if there's a mistake I made
Rathumpa Out

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