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Ogre Magi, a Tank-Intel like non other

May 30, 2012 by Archangel#234386
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A Quick Guide to the Ogre Magi

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

Hero Skills

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Ogre Magi, a Tank-Intel like non other

May 30, 2012

Intro to Ogre Magi

Hello, this is my personal guide for Ogre Magi. I usually like to roam around with him and appreciate how tanky and strong he is early game compared to other intel characters. His abilities are great because they can devastate any unit he concentrates on, especially when ganking.


I usually start out trying to get better strength and intl quickly with a Null Talisman to have the strenth to kill creeps and heros with my physical attack. I put Phase Boots on him because he is a great roamer and it stacks up well with your Blood Lust ability allowing you to go to places very quickly and escaping enemies that like to pick on you (like Ursa or Death Prophet since they generally get the same items). Then there is the slow effect of Ignite. Cast it on them, use phase to catch up to the, and deal damage with your club, then you can continue to slow them or Fireblast them. Its very hard to escape from this if you do it well.

The next item I go for is a Void Stone and a Ring of Health. The effects are clear, as your roam you continue to gain mana and health while its also an investment for a late game Bloodstone. Your goal is to never have to go to base, spam your bloodlust on your carries while they jungle anate gage enemies and farm a bit yourself. With my build the Phase Boots and Bloodlust combine to be useful in a sticky situation where you need to escape a fast opponent like Dark Seer, Windrunner or after taking immense damage.

After I get Perseverence I go straight for Scepter and Farm like a mad man while using mainly Bloodlust and Ignite to save enough to stun in case of a battle in Mid Lane. The Null Talisman and Phase Boots strength increases help this out alot.

Once I am done with Scepter I go for Blood Stone. Blood Stone makes you a good tank with great regeneration. At this point you never have to go back to base unless you just lost a team battle. You would have two Point Boosters, a Vitality Booster, and an Ogre Club stacked with Phase Boots and. Null Talisman. If the enemy focuses you they would spend a lot of time doing so and end up healing your allies if you die.

Team Work

When ganking initiate with Ignite and then cast your first spell on them. Bloodlust yourself and others before the battle. You can also let the others bait by attacking, then you throw your Ignite to slow them. After that you stun and attack.

Late game put Blood Lust on auto cast and cast it on all your strong allies. Melee first, ranged second, unless you have a Ranged Carry like Drow Ranger, in which I opt to use it first on them.


Try not to die or tank until you have Perseverence and Point Booster. These items make you a tank. Also go for Ogre Club first after point booster to help you farm and do decent damage against heros. I hope you enjoyed this quick guide.

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