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Ogre Magi 7.06

September 16, 2017 by YesManXd
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

Hero Skills


4 14 16 17


1 8 9 11 13


2 3 5 7


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+240 Fireblast Damage
+17% Fireblast chance
+25 Bloodlust Attack Speed
+30 Strength
+250 Health
+80 Damage
-1s Fireblast Cooldown
+16 Ignite DPS

Ogre Magi 7.06

September 16, 2017


Fire Blast:
[*] single target stun that deals damage
[*] very small cast range (be careful using it)
[*] fairly long cast range
[*] cancellable

[*] slow + Dmg over time
[*] good cast range
[*] AOE
[*] disjointable

[*] signature Ability
[*] buff (Movement speed + Attack speed)
[*] castable on allies and buildings
[*] always keep it on Cores!

[*] Makes abilities better passively
[*] Chance to cast again

[*] Fireblast - costs more mana, reduced CD, each extra stun = +0.5s (3 procs = 3 seconds)
[*] Ignite - increases AOE, increased cast range
[*] Bloodlust - reduced CD

Aghanims Upgrade:
[*] grants "Unrefined Fireblast"
[*] same as Fire Blast
[*] costs 60% of your current mana
[*] always castable
[*] chance that you are always low on Mana
[*] more damage than Fire Blast
[*] same stun

1st Skill Point:
[*] mostly Ignite is the best choice
[*] if Stun needed Fireblast

2nd Skill Point:
[*] you mostly want to go for Bloodlust since you use much more mana with Fire Blast
[*] if you need a stun - > Fire Blast

Early Game


[*] be very active on the map
[*] grab/steal runes
[*] help out on weaker lanes
[*] harass weak enemy lanes
[*] disrupt the enemies flow
[*] force rotations
[*] create space
[*] if you gank: Smoke with another support -> best chances to kill someone because you're slow + low cast ranges
[*] ward
[*] deward

Team fights:

[*] try to bloodlust and stay back

Mid/Late Game


[*] stay more back (not as tanky anymore)
[*] keep the team bloodlusted
[*] act like a counter initiator
[*] draw creep aggro and Ignite it

Team fights

[*] stay back
[*] focus Ignite on Heroes with a blink
[*] focus on the heroes your team is going on
[*] keep Bloodlust-ing

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