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Offlane Furion

April 19, 2014 by pieceofcake
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Offlane Furion

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Start items

Early Items (13min)

Core items

Luxury and Situational

Hero Skills


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2 4 7 10

Nature's Call

3 5 8 12

Wrath of Nature

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Offlane Furion

April 19, 2014


Hello,people! This is my first guide and sorry for my bad english. People use Nature Prophet as jungler but i think its a waste of hero. For me Nature Prophet is best as offlaner. U get a lot of farm and if they harras you,then you can use your trees to farm and also u have escape mechanism.(Teleportation)

Early Game.

At the start buy Boots of Speed and tango. Dont go for midas,better get fast Shadow Blade so you can start split-pushing. If possible ask your support 1 Observer Ward and 1 Sentry Ward. With Sentry block their pull camp so you get more exp,they are closer to your tower. And with Observer ward their jungle so they can't gank you. Farm fast Ring of Basilius for mana regenaration and then try to get Shadow Blade in 10-13 minutes. Use your ulti all the time when theres vision for much creeps,u will farm your items faster.

Mid Game.

Now you have Shadow blade,you can splitpush! Try to split push and look for ganks with Teleportation if possible. Now get the Desolator! 18minutes is best for Desolator,you can teleport and farm on supports. Sprout them and kill,Desolator gives you extra damage and for enemies armour reduction.

Late game.

Get Crystalis now. 25-27 minutes best time for Crystalis. Now you're beast with this armor reduction+critical hit. Now u have to gank more and split-push,if u didnt die at early game you are beast now. Upgrade your Crystalis to Daedalus as fast as possible and just split-push,gank.


Now you can get Luxury items and upgrade boots. I suggest you Boots of Travel for more split-push and rat dota. But phase boots are good too,sprout+Phase boots and enemies can't escape from you. If its hard to push create Necromonicon but if u want to pwn them more create second Daedalus. I hope this guide helps you a lot, I never lose offlane with this build. Bye!

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