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Offlane Darkseer

December 17, 2013 by somerandomitalian
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Offlane Dark Seer

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills

Mental Fortitude (Innate)


4 8 13 14

Ion Shell

1 3 5 9


2 7 10 12

Wall of Replica

6 11 16


15 17 18


Dark Seer is one of the best solo off laners in the game and if you can, make sure he is played as such. He can gain last hits without being in lane, put a serious dent in melee carry's farm, keep lanes pushed up, and harass junglers early game, while being a great escape hero. During mid game, the extra exp and gold he gained in the offlane makes him powerful in teamfights. Throughout all stages of the game, this hero has excellent utility and sustain.

Play dark seer if the enemy team is mostly melee, especially if they have a safe lane carry that needs lots of farm. Although dark seer combos well with other heroes, this guide is for playing him as an offlaner. This is good if you are running a trilane or have a jungler.

Honestly, dark seer synergies well with most heroes, especially those with AoE disables like enigma and void. He can also baby an offlane carry but this is not recommended.

Getting Started in the Offlane

If you are playing with another support, request that you buy the wards. Place one of these on the ruin spot and the other in either the radiant or dire jungle to prevent you from getting ganked and to keep tabs on enemy junglers. Use your Ion Shell to harass and push back lanes, make sure to place it on the last melee creep so it is less likely to receive agro from other creeps or the tower. Dark seer is very tanky early game, especially with a stout shield. If you find yourself at low health eat a tango. Remember you can always run away using your E.

If you have no other support, buy the courier and hope for the best until you or someone else can purchase wards. The stout shield and tangos are a must for sustain in lane and need to be purchased to be successful. Dark Seer has decent last hit damage and the ion shell will zone out enemies, making it easy to get a decent amount of farm. First off, buy your team a flying courier and if that has already been purchased, go straight to your soul ring. This item is controversial but for me it is a must. You have decent health and regen and additional levels from being an offlaner so the damage from the soul ring is minimal compared to the damage you will do to the enemy team through ion shells.

Working Towards your Core Items

Once you have your soul ring, I recommend going straight to mana boots or boots and a ring of regen, depending on how your team is playing. Mana boots provide even better spam-ability and are a must have support item. However, the ring of regen allows you to spam your soul ring and sustain in lane. At least one of these items should purchased before you begin to leave lane unless your team needs your help.

At this point you will probably be level five or six and can start working on getting a couple kills. Your enemy laners will most likely have burned through their regen and will probably be down a couple levels. If they are on low health, ion shell yourself and vacuum the enemies toward you so that they take damage from vacuum and ion shell. You can haste yourself to follow up on kills.

Rush mech if no one else is going to, however, if the other support has already built or is building a mech, go straight for your hood, and then your pipe.

Teamfighting/Late Game

You can initiate fights by placing your wall and vacuuming the enemy team into it. This nukes their team from both the wall and vacuum and creates illusions of the enemy team. If used right, this can disorient the enemy team and make it easy to land small AOE nukes, stuns, and debuffs while dealing damage and creating high DPS illusions. This combo takes practice but can often decide a teamfight. Use your pipe and or mech to help your team survive.

If after you have built your pipe and/or mech, begin to build either your ags or scythe. The scythe is great for focusing a carry or teamfight support while your ags will help you imitate. If you are good at wall/vac combos, I would highly recommend the ags, however it is up to you to decide what to build. Finally, a good sustain luxury item is a heart. This will allow you to soak up damage and successfully perform your initiating combos.

What to Avoid/Pointers

1) Always buy wards. Everyone hates this but you need to buy wards for positioning and keeping your team alive.
2) Avoid the vanguard. This is great for some heroes but it is a waste on dark seer. Just rush your hood for a much better team-fight item.
3) Avoid tranquil boots. Late game these are unnecessary and are a waste of money as you are a cash strapped support.
4) If you are turtling, cliff stack the radiant hard camp with vacuum (also there is nothing more satisfying than cliff vacuuming an enemy team)
5) Use your vacuum to set up AoE nukes, stuns, etc
6) Harass junglers by stealing their farm and ruing their health. Remember, you can always run away.

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