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Off lane/ safe lane carry Visage build

July 25, 2018 by lolomo
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kill them all

DotA2 Hero: Visage

Hero Skills

Grave Chill

1 3 9 12

Soul Assumption

2 5 7 8

Gravekeeper's Cloak

4 13 14 15 16

Summon Familiars

6 11 18


Hero Talents

+1 Familiar
Gravekeeper's Cloak aura grants 10 armor
+30 movement speed to Visage and Familiars
+20 Soul Assumption Damage Per Charge
Soul Assumption Hits 2 Targets
+1.5 Corruption to Visage and Familiars
+8 damage to Visage and Familiars
-3s Grave Chill Cooldown

Off lane/ safe lane carry Visage build

July 25, 2018



Hurricane Pike is a must as it can be used to escape enemies as well as catch up to them while using you grave chill as a slow.
While Aghanims just adds more damage to your arsenal due to having another familiar.
And lastly Monkey King Bar adds damage and attack speed while you use your grave chill to add more attack speed and slow down your opponents, the result is instant kill.

While for late game items, you can get Heart of Tarrasque or Shiva's Guard depending on your preference. Heart to make you more tanky while Shiva's provides AOE slow and damage during a clash. Blademail just saves you from 1v1 fights with DPS heroes.

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