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Nyx's Guide to Chaos Knight

September 2, 2016 by NyxCrab
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Hard Carry

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

2 6 8 9

Reality Rift

1 3 5 7

Chaos Strike

4 12 13 14


10 11 16


15 17 18

Nyx's Guide to Chaos Knight

September 2, 2016


Chaos Knight is a mid - late game hard carry who has a focus on overall chaos with his skill set incorporating a ton of RNG, and even his damage with it having the largest damage gap in the game. Regardless of that however, his damage is insanely high, especially when you take into account his illusions.

Pros / Cons

Fast base movement
Mid game powerhouse and can easily transition into a late game hard carry
Has really good base damage
Has high Strength gain per level
Best Illusions in the game

Poor base strength for a strength hero, base agility and intelligence aren't much better either
Awful intelligence gain and poor mana pool
Huge damage gap can make last hitting unreliable
Has no way to farm outside of farming heroes
Illusions have long cooldown and high mana cost


- Echo may seem odd on Chaos, but it's really good in actuality. It's got an easy build, you can pick up the Oblivion Staff at the side shop, it fixes pretty much all of your mana problems, and the double hit means when you reality rift someone you deal even more (the second hit doesn't get the bonus damage, but the slow and just the more damage in general is amazing for insta gibbing foes).
- Armlet is just a standard item on Chaos Knight. The illusions gain the bonus strength but don't lose health over time with it, so it gives a massive damage boost to you and your illusions, as well as slightly tanks you up.
- Sange and Yasha takes advantage of your strong mid game and gives you a strong power boost to end the game. If you aren't able to end the game even with this, you can disemble it later on for Manta and optionally Heaven's Halberd.

- Heart makes you really hard to pin down and kill, and lets you keep Armlet pretty much always on. It also gives you some more damage to destroy enemies with.

- Manta synergizes with your skill set and gives you a set of illusions to use for farming or pushing or just for more illusions for team fights.

- Improves your pushing even more and increases your damage outputs in fights by lowering armor of enemies. The Attack speed aura works on your illusions as well. Sell Echo Sabre when you pick this up.

- Gives you stats to improve your illusion damage output, and fixes pretty much all of your mana issues after you sell Echo Sabre.

- Gives you armor, attack speed, and some evasion to force enemies to buy MKB. Depending on the line up this might not be needed.


- If having trouble last hitting

- Improve your early game damage if playing aggressive

- Gives you much needed mana regen early game and protects you from burst spell damage

- Isn't really that good on Chaos anymore, but can be useful for the aura and active for early pushing.

- Can be used for a cheap damage burst and to counter Omniknight, Wraith King, and Medusa.

- You usually deal enough damage on your own and have innate crit already, but sometimes you'll need that better crit in order to burst down tankier foes.

- VS Evasion heroes

- Utility item to fix mana issues and keep enemy carries down. Especially useful if you aren't the main carry in that match.

- An alternative to Heart that gives you slightly more DPS and the armor helps vs physical enemies, but Heart is usually better.

- If you dissembled SnY for Manta but kept Sange instead of selling it, you can upgrade it into Halberd to give you some evasion and make enemy carries unable to attack for a few seconds.


Get this at level 1 if going for a rune engagement.
The stun duration and damage are completely random, so don't rely on it to keep an enemy locked down for so long unless you're literally RNGesus and can get 4 stuns all the time.

Max this first so you can stick to foes and constantly deal bonus damage
Standard combo involves stunning then using this, though you can open with this to surprise enemies then stun
Try not to use it if the enemy is almost in the Fog, as if they get in there it cancels the rift and it slows you down

You only need one value point in this to get the armor reduction and occasional crit
Your illusions get this, same as every other crit
Armor reduction stacks with Deso and AC

Get the first level at level 10 unless you absolutely need it for whatever reason
You have a 50% chance to spawn an additional illusion, so you can easily overwhelm enemies with this
They deal 100% damage but only 200% damage, so they scale even better than other illusions
Don't use this for farming, use it for fighting or pushing.

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