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Nyx - Early Support/Late god

October 15, 2014 by massbreaker
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Forced to be Support

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

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Nyx - Early Support/Late god

October 15, 2014


Hi guys! This is my first ever guide. I'll be talking bout Nyx Assassin, one of the best assassins available in Dota 2. I've only used him for a week but I've never lost a fight with him. :D I promise you won't regret playing Nyx!!!!


You'll start off as either a support or an offlaner (depends on your team). If you are chosen as the support, go where your carry is and aim to protect, and nothing else. If you are lucky enough to have a jungler on your team and a solid support, you may lane alone and farm.

Early game

If you lane with your carry, you won't be aiming for last hitting creeps. You may want to try and deny your creeps to lessen enemy experience gain, but it is not required. You must aim for gaining experience quick enough, not gold. Everything else will follow.

Mid game

By now, you will have your Ulti, and there the fun begins :)) Try and activate your Ulti where you aren't visible to your enemy, so that you can surprise them and catch a quick kill or assist. Don't fret if you don't have a dagon by midgame, aim for assists if you can't kill.

Late game

You may probably end up in late game with only an arcane boots and a dagon (preferably dagon 5). I always end up like this and I still haven't lost a game. Always aim for the squishy enemies, like mid-laners and supports (or sometimes squishy carries, although they are pretty rare).

Skill Sequence

Always activate your Ulti before going in your enemies field of vision. R--> Q--> W--> DAGON. Also, whenever a projectile is coming at you, for example Sven's Storm Hammer (YES HE IS ANNOYING), press E and watch him stun and damage himself, allowing you to escape.


AIM FOR THE SQUISHY PEOPLE!!!! Enemies like Shadow Fiend, Invoker, Storm Spirit and more will cry and die at your hands. If you go hunting, you can also pick off supports like Crystal Maiden or squishy carries like Slark. Always activate your Ulti then right after attacking your target, USE YOUR Q, then W then Dagon then BOOM! easy kill.


Nyx is really a fun hero to play, as he is noob-friendly and pro-friendly. Don't worry if you can't grasp his amazingness on the first try, try and try until you master him!! You won't regret anything ::D Here are a few of the games I've had :)

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