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Nyx CAN Carry

March 18, 2013 by NotExactlyBacon
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Mana Burn

2 8 10 13

Spiked Carapace

4 9 12 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Go mid.
Win game.

Since I actually got some feedback on this sight (finally), I've decided to update my guide and write a full game guide for Nyx since he is my favorite hero. Note that I don't guarantee this guide to be good, I'm not a pro player by any means. This is just a pub guide for a hero I consistently do well with.


Pros / Cons


    Extremely strong ganking
    A lot of CC
    Good at escaping

    High mana costs
    Gold dependent mid-game
    High cooldowns on all abilities but W
    Effectiveness can be greatly reduced by Dust/Gem/Sentries

Start/Early Game

Go mid with Nyx. Nyx can win games by having a lot of exp and getting to 11 or 12 as soon as possible. He has very good ganking potential with the amount of CC, move speed (with vendetta), invis and burst he has in his kit.

Early on try not to cast anything but your e unless you must. Once you hit level six, if you are facing a squishy mid or just someone who doesn't know what items to buy (i.e. Sniper, Shadow Fiend, Drow) kill him once you've hit level 6, as soon as possible. If the creep line is in the middle of the river, go back to your tower and go invis once it pushes. Autoattack, Q, W, Urn (if you have it by this point, I do on occasion) and autoattack until you've killed your enemy laner. Now you can feel free to b, or if you have enough regen, stay in lane and further your ever-so-valuable lead in exp.

If you are facing a tanky mid (i.e. Pudge, Viper, Clockwerk) I recommend getting level 7 to get your Q maxed, then ganking one of the other lanes. Nyx can generally kill most sidelane carries and supports because they'll have less level, therefore less health and armor. This will help your team out a lot.

Generally play this way, ganking lanes or killing the opposing mid when your ult is up, and farming when it isn't. And of course when there aren't any opportunities to gank, just farm up.

Mid-Game, Post-Laning Phase

At this point in the game (if they haven't bought a gem or sentry warded EVERYTHING), if your ult is at level 3, the duration is the same as the cooldown. When you aren't pushing with your team, this gives you the freedom to roam around their jungle and between lanes to try to get kills and push towers. With an Urn you should regenerate the mana cost of the ability if you don't come out of stealth before the duration is up. Plus you'll have Arcane Boots so if you really need mana, when the duration of your stealth is up, activate them and go back into stealth.

In teamfights, Nyx's job is generally to kill the enemy carry. His extremely high burst with dagon makes this very easy as most carries are squishy until the late game. Once you've accomplished your goal of ***inatiing the carry, immediately use your Spiked Carapace. If the enemy isn't magic immune and doesn't use the right abilities on you, they'll be stunned for a while, helping your team get an advantage if they enemy team focuses you.

Outside of this, play the game as normal helping push and defend towers, keep a tp scroll on you when possible, etc

Late Game

Your goal is still to kill the enemy carry, although it may be harder once they're close to their full build. Although, once you're nearing your full build, you will be extremely hard to kill, especially if you opt for Linken's or Heart. Try to hit more than one enemy with your impale when you use it, as Impale has a long knock up/stun duration and can be quite useful.

Spam Mana Burn on their int hero(es), because if they've been stacking int it will do massive amounts of damage and will most likely cripple them in a long teamfight by taking a good chunk of their mana away.

Play smart, roam in stealth and kill important targets whenever possible, and Nyx can be a great asset to any team, really.

Situational Skill Builds

Sometimes there are heroes that are just.

Pudge can be a pain to lane against (especially one that can hook), and his extremely low int makes Nyx's W even more useless early game. In this situation, I recommend not taking a single point in mana burn until level 8 or 9, unless you plan to gank constantly.

Generally this is the only situation where I deviate from my original skill build, but you may find more situations through playing against odd mids.


Thanks for reading if you actually took the time, again I acknowledge this isn't the best guide or the best build because I'm not the best player. I consistently do well with Nyx Assassin, and I wanted to share my build/playstyle with everyone.

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