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Nyx Assassin Sidelane Stomper Build Yuniko Style

March 3, 2013 by soyunhorror
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


2 4 7 9

Mana Burn

3 12 13 14

Spiked Carapace

1 5 8 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Nyx Assassin Sidelane Stomper Build Yuniko Style

March 3, 2013

Hero Introduction

This is my first guide, I am open for constructive criticism :D

This is an intermediate guide for nyx, if you are still learning the hero,
this guide is no for you.

the very core of this build if the soulring.
not just boosts your survivability but also your killing capabilities.
Nyx Assassin has a base HP regen of 2.5 hp/sec
which makes him a very good Soulring hero.
with the soulring, you wont have mana problems.
Nyx Assassin agility utility/ganker that can quickly dish out most of the intelligence and agility heroes with his skill combo, especially with Dagon. Nyx Assassin naturally needs level in order to be effective, thus, making him a mid/solo hero. But as the title implies this Nyx will be on the sidelane. A sidelane Nyx not only gives your team a chance to pick another mid to gain solo exp/farm but adds to the overall killing capability of your team in the earlygame-midgame stages of the game. So we begin.

Item Choices & Strats

As you have seen on the Purchase Order above,

Starting Items:
You start out with a tango, salve, 2x clarity pots, soulring(recipe), 2x branches
and head to your lane.

Early Game:
You should complete your soulring first.

when you already have 350+ gold and on lane
and planning to buy Sobi Mask/Ring of Regen
look at your mana and health bar.
If you are low on mana: buy sobi mask first
If you are low on health: buy RoR
This will help you stay longer in lane if you already used up your tangos,salve or clarity pots.

Nyx Assassin is a ganking hero so there will be a lot of chasing early game, you will need your Boots of Speed in this time of the game. Upgrading it is not your priority since you will need to rush your Dagon. Instead of upgrading it to a higher tier boots, buy Null Talisman instead.

Core Items:

You will probably have enough gold from ganking around the map for a Dagon already.
After your Dagon 1, upgrade your boots(Power Threads or Phase Boots or BoT) and pump up your Dagon to 5.

Power Threads: If you are against nuking heroes, might aswell put on some Str Threads to tank a bit.
Phase Boots: Makes you chase and finish off heroes when your Vendetta>Impale>Burn>Dagon was not enought to yank the hero off. Or to run from fatal situations also.
Boots of Travel: great movespeed buff and global ganking capability, best boots for this hero.

Situational Items:

Leaping, Blinking, Escaping heroes before you complete your combo?
- get Orchid Malevolence, Vendetta>Orchid>Impale>Burn>Dagon
The afterburn effect of Orchid can sometimes kill off the hero(the higher the damage the target takes while on Orchid debuff, the higher the afterburn effect will deal.)

You got Gemmed? Can't go near gem holder and kill?
- get Blink Dagger, Blink>Impale>Vendetta>Burn>Dagon

Tanky heroes?
- get Desolator, boosts your Vendetta.
- get Ethereal Blade, this should actually be on your core items,
but the its price is too high to be not in your luxury/situational items.

Wanna Manaburn someone to death? Invis enemy heroes and you don't want to gem?(might die and counter yourself with gem)
-get Necromicon(level 3 if you want true sight)
Vendetta>Impale>SummonNecro>Tab(to choose Manaburning Necro>NecroManaburn>ManaBurn>Dagon

Pros & Cons


-Ridiculously painful early/midgame even without Dagon.
-Bane against Intelligence Heroes.
-Spike Carapace. nuffsaid.
-Mobile Ganker that doesn't need farm be effective.
-Can shutdown carries that are farm dependent and farms them instead.


-Can't do **** if silenced
-Easily countered with Sentries/Gem
-Needs level to be effective


-lacking mana for impale or vendetta?

what you want to do:
what you don't want to:

the reason this is is because you are revealed after you vendetta
and you use soulring which takes a part of your HP which can be a fatal mistake if there is another enemy hero around. whilst if you soulring>vendetta, you can still regen some of the hp taken by soulring while waiting for the perfect moment to combo.

-Do not aim tanky heroes, gank em with a teammate.

-ready your spiked carapace after your vendetta combo
this is because MOST of the players(if still alive after the combo)
will have their initial reaction(if they still have mana) of a nuke/stun(if they have)
after the combo in order for them to try and flee from you.

-stack/pull creeps at x:46 (if you are radiant) pull at x:16 so you can have exp/farm
-stack/pull the camp further away from the tier 1 tower in the dire top side at x:51 and pull at x:21

-kill flying couriers :)

-have observer wards on the enemy jungle

Best Friends, Worst Enemies.


no special mentions, just have a decent laning partner in general.

Pugna the Oblivion
He is your bestfriend because:

-Pugna has a VERY HIGH intelligence gain which makes your manaburn giggle with joy since it is damage: x5 the target enemy hero's intelligence.
-Pugna's usual combo is Decrepify>Blast which is very bad for him because
when he decrepifes, it is your cue to activate your spike carapace to return the amplified nether blast 100% to pugna :D
-Pugna is and int hero, Pugna is a squishy hero.
Keeper of the Light
He is your bestfriend because:

-KotL's illuminate deals INSANELY high amount of damage and takes him time to release it. and the animation is enough for you to activate your spiked carapace to return all the insanity of damage to him.
-he is an intelligence hero
-he is squishy

All squishy heroes in general.

Doom Bringer
he is your worst enemy because:
-****you thats why

-bloodrage+rupture. nuffsaid.

tanky heroes
-you done? my turn now, squishy bug.

Last Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my first guide.
Hopefully, I'll make a better one soon.
I made this in just 3 hours with the help of the DOTAfire data base and DOTA2 aswell.
Image courtesy brought to you by: me ofcourse, with a lil help from dotawiki.

"My purpose is clear; my targets doomed."
-Nyx Assassin

add me on facebook:
follow me on twitter:

Free Dota2 betakeys, just pm me your emails.

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