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Nyx- Anewb's guide

July 31, 2012 by citizen#263828
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DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills

Nyxth Sense (Innate)


1 4 7 9

Mind Flare

2 5 8 10

Spiked Carapace

3 12 14 17


6 11 16


13 15 18

Nyx- Anewb's guide

July 31, 2012



I'm going to keep this short. It's my first and probably the only guide I'll ever do. I'm a casual dota2 player with limited All-stars experience despite playing it since, you know, ****ing forever, or whenever it came out (editors note: The dawn of time).
Anyway, I like NA and always have. He's a fun, bursty pub stomp, and this is how I build him. I'm not a great player, and this guide isn't that good. But you know what? **** you. That's what.

This guide will remain a simple item build/stat allocation example until I think of something witty to write or I get drunk and waste more time writing an internet guide for a video game. It will also be written entirely in orange.

Break Down

Nyx is a relatively weak early game hero. Not only are his stats sub-par, but last hitting with nyx sucks ******* and his abilities only pick up steam after a few ranks (mana burn doesnt become spamable until rank 4). That being said, play early game opportunistically: Try to save mana burn for nukers (preferably Intel-based). Mana burn is Nyx's best form of harassment, and helps Nyx maintain against neck-beards like Earth Shaker, who's **** has been rock ****ing solid ever since he found out you were in his lane.
Impale should be used for kills over harassment. For maximum justice, use it either after your partner initiates (if in a side lane) or after the opponent has attracted minion aggro-- that way they will soak up auto hits until the stun wares off.
Don't even bother attempting to last hit if you're nursing a carry on the side. Seriously. Don't. That's a **** move bro.


- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Nyx needs a strong mid game to be in any way useless later on. Luckily, this is where he shines the most. Vendetta is a nasty ****ing spell that smashes ****s with the force of a thousand suns. You need to kill someone every time it's up. Stick to some dumb *** carry or a no-health support like crusty ****um and RUIN THIER ****ING LIFE. Nyx is a binary nuker once out of stealth and anticipating the correct order on cool-downs is paramount.
Usually, I prefer to hit Spiked Carapace after opening with vendetta but only after the opponent both (a) notices you stretching out their anus and (b) decides to cast something rather than run away. Dont just hit spiked carapace immediately out of stealth or it will be consumed by an auto attack-- and that makes you look gross bro. If they eat the stun, then hit them with mana burn, followed by Impale.


You better have plenty money by end game-- because you need to buy some expensive ****; Nyx is extremely item dependent. Dagon is an absolute must-- since the damage on your abilities has started to fall off on most heroes at this point. Unfortunately, besides the item dependence, Nyx tends to lag in late game scenarios for 2 critical reasons:

(1) A severe lack of presence in team fights caused by the inherent tunnel-vision-single-target-play-style Nyx exists for.
(2) Vulnerability in group engagement after cool-downs have been exhausted. You're a glass ****ing canon.

These limitations can be worked around in two ways, both by proper positioning/target acquisition, and Scythe of Vyse. Find a support hanging around in back, like Keeper of the light, and slap his ****, then try to Impale as many Heroes as possible. NYX SHOULD NEVER INITIATE. Scythe allows you to CC that ******* carry ****ing with your bro's, or can be saved to ensure a tactical retreat after your abilities are on cool-down.


- Two disables
- High single-target burst
- Great mid game
- Funny *** wounded animation
- Alpha as ****

- Glass canon
- Tunnel vision nuker
- Item dependent
- Weak late game without proper positioning
- Tends to be vulnerable until level six


Nyx is a fun solo mid because he rapes Mana and his **** is bursting with disable juice. But lets say some Brazilian took a break from league of legends and decided to auto pick Zeus, sit on mid like a ******, and repeatedly type obscenities while refusing to communicate or move. Here is a short list of those to lane with, and those to stay the **** away from. Nope, there wont be pictures, I wont take the time to figure that **** out.

Crystal maiden: mana regeneration.
Wisp: When is he never a bro?
Axe: A good axe will protect you AND harass like the best of them.
Sand King: double spiked ***** bros 4 LIEF.
Juggernaut: Babysit him with Mana burn while combining impale/blade fury.
Punga: Because Ward.
Ogre Magi: All does Dagons.

****TY *** HOS
Earth Shaker: Only the dead know peace from Anal Fissure
Slardar: This is obvious to anyone.
Drow Ranger: Silence and harassment/slow
Rubrick: It's really, really easy for Rubrick to copy those sweet, nutty nukes of yours.
Templar Assassin: Cool-downs are your only strength-- Wasting them on TA is *****s.
Bounty Hunter: Track.
Silencer: Dots, silences, range-- gay-dar is off the charts on this one.

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