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Number 1 position (hard carry) Spectre

February 12, 2015 by n1k0s
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DotA2 Hero: Spectre

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Number 1 position (hard carry) Spectre

February 12, 2015


Spectre, though being not one of the most famous heroes, it has the 10th highest win rate among all heroes in DOTABUFF, falling behind only 2 other hard carries, Wraith King and Troll Warlord. Hence, in my opinion Spectre can be considered as one of the hardest carries of the game, when in experienced hands. Nevertheless, new players to the hero or DotA can cope with the high item dependency of the hero by following a few simple suggestions that I would like to propose.


This guide is to help players that play Spectre in a number 1 position, or in other words as the team's late game hard carry.
To accomplish that, you will need at least one support in the laning phase (first 10-15 mins) but it is best to have Spectre on a trilane so as to finish phase boots and gain a significant gold advantage towards building straight a radiance. At this phase of the game it is up to your teammates to help you in the lane and secure you every creep last hit while also creating chances for killing the opposition's offlaner.
You can gain another gold advantage as soon as you get your ulti. Ask you team to start ganking or fighting away from the safe lane, giving you space to farm and earn money from assists and kills with your ulti. in this way, you can goal for a 20-25 mins radiance.
As soon as you get radiance you can increase you farm buy jungle/lane transitions and a tp will always be useful to go mid or hard lane in case the other team is pressing your lane and you are losing farm. Also, keep asking your team to create fights every time your ulti is up so as to get kills/assists as much as you can early/mid game.
Your next goal should be maelsorm and immediate mjolnir by 30-35 mins. Radiance and mjolnir together are the best farming tools that in my opinion are so much needed for a continuously farming Spectre. It worts pointing out that even at this stage, you are not ready to engage in a team fight so keep farming ang getting ulti assists/kills till you make a heart (45mins).
When the heart is ready and your Dispersion skill is maxed you should look for fights. Either your teammates can initiate them and you can join with ulti or you can jump in the oponent heroes and ulti so as to confuse them and give your team time to follow up your initiation. What you want is to have the other team target you and hit you so as to deflect a lot of damage back to them with dispersion and mjolnir's shield. This sums up nicely with your right click damage and radiance burn.
In order to increase your damage output and easily kill the enemy's hard carry built an abyssal blade. This is absolutely necessary against agility carries and keep in mind that abbysal blade pierces through bkb!
Finally, aim for a skadi to max your stats and increase your health or go for a satanic in case you feel this is necessary and your team doesn't have enough disables for the enemy carry.


In my opinion this is the best personally tested (Spectre is my 3rd best hero) guide for Spectre. I would like to point out that I am against butterfly and manta style builts as these items make your opponents miss their attacks on you or hit your illusions. What a Spectre needs is the opponents hitting her so that she can deflect a ton of damage back to them! Keep this in mind, evasion only minimizes the damage you deal to the enemy team.


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