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Nuking Windrunner

March 24, 2013 by WOTN
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DotA2 Hero: Windranger

Hero Skills


4 6 8 10


2 3 5 7


1 11 12 13

Focus Fire

9 14 15


16 17 18


This guide will show you how to go "NUKING WINDRUNNER" but this kind of play style will need supports and if you feel confident enough to Nuk'em down!!! YOU CAN!!! This will be easy for everybody,actually the first time I thought of this build it was very easy but you need to farm very "VERY" fast....... Hope you will look forward to this build or guide

Windrunner skills that you need:

If you are wind runner what do you like to do if you pilot or control her? For me i want the PERFECT SHACKLE this is one of the plays that the CROWD will mostly like.... Not only that but also the STRAIGHT TO THE "HEAD" Power Shot.....


Some of the Dota players don't often use dagger on WR or other heroes...Dagger on WR is very useful, Because this will make your positioning easier for "THE PERFECT SHACKLE" that is mentioned earlier. Dagon this is why it is called "THE NUKING WINDRUNNER"


The combo to this WR is very easy but needs a little practice or even NONE! hahaha :)

This maybe obvious for you when you saw the item build earlier..

Here it is.....

If you see the enemy hero,,,try to hit your "Perfect Shackle" if it is hard for you.You can just Dagger to your desired position or you can force staff a creep and shackle it to hit the enemy hero.After the shackle hits use your POWER SHOT "ASAP" then you have your DAGON this will NUKE every body down..As i mentioned you sometimes need supports if you are doing these NUKING WR.


This is my "FIRST" dots guide ever... :D hope you like it :)

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