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Nuclear's guide to Lich

February 20, 2013 by nuclearengie
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Basic build

DotA2 Hero: Lich

Purchase Order


Animal Courier
Healing Salve
Gauntlets of Strength

While in lane

Tranquil Boots
Observer Ward
Sentry Ward

Mid game

Flying Courier
Staff of Wizardry

Late game

Aghanim's Scepter
Boots of Travel
Refresher Orb

Hero Skills

Frost Blast

2 4 7 9

Frost Shield

5 12 13 14

Sinister Gaze

1 3 8 10

Chain Frost

6 11 16


15 17 18

Nuclear's guide to Lich

February 20, 2013


Lich is a support intelligence hero who's abilities are meant to slow his enemies, assist is team, and also do a lot of damage as a support hero. He is also great at denying creeps and is really useful in the early game. He is my favorite hero and if paired up with another ranged carry you can make your enemies wish they picked a different lane.

Here is a key for the colors in my guide:

Frost Blast
Ice Armor
Frost Nova
Boring text

Pros / Cons


1, Nice nuke that can be used often and has AoE
2, Can deny creeps with sacrifice while gaining mana
3, Powerful ultimate that can deal large damage to a group of heroes
4, high base movement speed (315 compared to normal 300)
5, Can protect teammates in team fights while slowing enemies


1, Bad at 1 v 1
2, bad auto-attack
3, Spell dependent/ cant do much against magic immune
4, relies on staying with teammates


1. Frost Blast

This is your main spell to use while in lane and basically whenever you see an enemy hero.
Do not save this spell for whatever reason, it has a short cool down and you don't end up short on mana. This is the second skill you should max out. When using this spell know that besides doing damage, this has an AoE so you can multiple heroes at once and it also has a slow so you can catch a fleeing hero and let your carry finish him off. Try not to use this spell to kill steal because you really do not need the money or exp as much as other people but do use it if someone is about to die so you have an excuse on why you did that.

2. Ice armor

This is the last spell you will want to upgrade. When used on a friendly hero or creep they will get bonus armor as well as slowing enemies that attack them. This is useful later in the game when you start to gank enemy heroes or to push your lane when you put this o a creep. Do not place this on auto cast because he will cast it every time a friend gets hurt. this is nice but it can prevent you from casting spells in the middle of combat.

3. Sacrifice

This is what make Lich such a good hero at the beginning. Use this as much as you can even if you have full mana. When you use this your enemies lose the potential gold and exp from a creep. Upgrading this lets you use it more often and also increases the ratio of health to mana that you get. Also remember that you can only use it on friendly creeps, not enemy or neutral creeps, you also want to make sure that you target a melee creep with the most health so you get the most mana.

4. Frost Nova

Your ultimate is a really powerful one. But never use this on 1 person. The best time to use it is when the enemy heroes are close together. You want the ball to bounce on heroes all the time so it is best if there are no creeps to take a hit. Using the ultimate on 2 heroes is risky. If they stay together you probably re going to kill one of them but if they move apart then the ultimate is wasted.

Early Game

When you start the game you will want to be i n the lane with the forest next to you (bottom for Radiant and top for Dire). If you are in that lane then you are able to pull your lane even better. Also make sure to buy your team a courier and wards if you need them in your lane. When the game is about to start stand next your barracks and wait for the creeps to come out. eat a creep as soon as it comes out and then go join your lane partner.

When it comes to creeps when in lane you should act like you forgot what team you are on. Your lane partner will need the last hits so give it to him. You should be looking at the health bars of your own creeps and when it gets low deny the creep (press "a" then right-click your creep). Also keep using Sacrifice when it is ready. Also try to pull the lane if your creeps are getting close to the enemy tower.

Once you get Frost Blast use it every time yous see an enemy hero. Also use your auto-attack to scare him off and make him lose potential exp.

In general you are trying to make sure your enemies do not get exp.

For items try to complete your bracer to get some extra stats and then start on your tranquil boots.

Mid Game

At this point you and your carry should be a few levels higher then your lane enemies. keep killing your own and letting your carry get money. If you can try to use your Frost Nova and Frost Blast to push and only use Sacrifice to refill mana.

If your carry looks like he is about to attack someone or is being cashed by only 1 guy freeze the enemy and if he is getting chased by two or more enemies then use your Frost Nova to scare then off.

You will want to try and get your support items now. Start building a Mekansm and get a flying courier. If you need it get more wards for your lane.

Late Game

This is the part where large team fights happen and where you need to help.

Whenever your team is about to gank or you think you might get ganked, start protecting everyone. You can also use it to push by placing Ice Armor on creeps to slow the enemy creeps' attack speed.

When the enemies are in a group and there are a few or no creeps and they are attacking your friends, this is the perfect time to cast Frost Nova. This will weaken the enemies or force them to spread out making it easier to pick them off one by one.

Also remember to use your Mekansm when your teams health is getting low. Also try to aim for getting an Aghanim's Scepter to boost your Frost Nova. If you have the money try for a refresher orb or get Boots of Travel.

Lane Pulling

In the early game you will want to pull your lane so it stays near your tower to prevent the enemy from coming close making then just stand there losing potential exp and making it easy to gank them, here are a few ways to pull your lane.

1. Whenever it is off its cool down use a Sacrifice

2. Deny creeps or attack your own creeps. (must be below 50% health to start attacking them)

3. Using the neutral creeps. If you are in the lane with the forest near you you can use the creep camp closest to your tower to pull your creeps back. To do this wait for the timer to be X:15 or X:45. attack a creep once and then run back to your lane. your creeps will see the neutral creeps and begin chasing them back to their camp. They will finish off the camp if all the creeps came but you can start last hitting creeps for some gold.

4. Double Stacking. This is like the previous step but you pull with twice as many creeps. to stack a creep camp wait for the timer to reach X:52. attack a creep and run in the direction of your fountain but don't go into the lane. The creeps will stop chasing you and return to there camp where new creeps have spawned in. Now pull the lane like normal. Now your creeps might die so attack the camp or ping it to alert your lane partner so he can get some extra gold and exp.
Of course you can just take it for yourself.

Final Note

Thanks for reading this guide on my favorite hero. This is my first guide so i hope it is not to bad. Comment if you like on how I can improve my guide.

Also note on of the best feelings is when your support has more kills then the carries of both teams. I have interrupted at least 2 arguments between the carries of both teams arguing how the other is a noob (one of them is always a drow ranger). I just respond with
"Both of you have less kills then a support so shut up"

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