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NP ganker

February 29, 2016 by encarma
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attack NP

NP ganker

February 29, 2016


So, out of the gate you buy 4 mantle of intelligence. then a mana potion and when you can a TP scroll.

You will farm neutrals until you have TP and sprout level 1. then gank whatever lane has two of your players, make sure you get the kill, TP scroll back to base and buy Null Talisman with it (should get two) and another TP scroll.

If your single lane guy has done well then enemy should be near your tower, once they are in range of it, TP behind them and sprout them, use the time to kill their creeps so your tower can atk him too, get treeants to block his escape when sprout ends nd run towards enemy tower until sprout refreshes then sprout again for the kill, your team mate is to handle the other hero while you do this, communication is key, agree what ping represents or you may get confused.

if your solo side laner didn't let enemy push go mid nd gank in a similar fashion, but this hampers your mid laner for your gain so make sure you give them a kill nect time.

with the money buy the rest of yours nulls, then work on veils of discord which will give you the armour you need to TP behind enemy to hold one while your team runs up to continue your attack without fear of enemy running to base.

once you have 4 veils, buy moonshard, then wen you have the cash for your 2nd moonshard, consume your first, lastly replace TP scrolls with a Orchid Mal.

have done about 20 games now with this and its a 20/20 win streak, so I thought id post it. some of my friends hate it cause they expect NP to be support, this is an offlane gank build. also NP can stop SB charge successfully by sprout and treeants but only once you have two veils or you too mushy, be more careful when against him. antimage is also no drama with this build.

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