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Not just another void the king of carries type of build

July 16, 2013 by ThanatosUD
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Faceless void tanking/initiating potential

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

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Not just another void the king of carries type of build

July 16, 2013


WARNING: this build can potentially work ONLY if you have the right team composition - ranged carry (drow ranger, clickz, viper, sniper, templar assasin) + some nukers like zeus, lion, lina, witchdoctor, crystall maiden, enchantress, kunka), because u will rely on your team mates to do damage and only handle initiation.
This guide is based such theory:

1. Faceless void has no abilities that increase his damage exponentially (like critical strikes many carries have or medusa's split shot for example), so there is no imperative to build it as hard carry.
2. His backtrack ability exponentially increases his effective hp, making it naturally tanky if health giving items are purchased.
3. Chronosphere and time walk make him one of the best initiators/AoE disablers in game.


Max time lock first - it will help to lasthit and stun enemy heroes. Also, since it is flat damage buff, it is good to max it early game.
Max time walk second to initiate/escape/chase
Max backtrack last, because it is percentage based evasion skill which will become more useful later in game when u get more items to boost your hp, increasing your effective hp greatly.


Since this build is still item dependent even if u are not carrying, u should get shield and axe to help you lasthit.
In the mid game finish your treads (they give extra survivability + attack speed to activate time lock more often) upgrade to vanguard (this item will help you stay in fight after chrono finishes + its pretty cost effective) and get medalion of courade. Medalion is purchased mainly for its active spell - put your enemies in chrono and mark one of them for death (make sure u mark a hero that is within range of your ranged carry!), but extra armor also increases your effective hp since you purchased vanguard. Mana regen of the medalion is also of some use, because later you will buy scepter and extra regen helps a bit in solving mana problems which arise because of raduced ulty's cooldown.
After that U should either buy scepter to augment your ulty (esp if you are good in placing it) or shadow blade (if you are not especially good at landing spheres). Try to disable as many enemy heroes in it as possible, and if u have melee heroes in team, try to catch at least one of them near the edge of the sphere. Avoid locking down your dps heroes at all costs! Shadowblade lets you choose the right moment to initiate more carefully and maximize the efect of your ultimate + gives more attcak speed to synergyse with time lock bash. Get this item before scepter if you find it difficult to land your ulty correctly or get killed very often after its over (initiating with shadowblade leaves your timewalk off cooldown so u can escape or chase!).
Later in game u can go for refresher (double chrono!), pipe (more survivability + u can activate it at he most convenient time - just before chrono ends, because thats the moment when enemy's nukes are most likely to start flying all at once).

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