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Normars best build

September 16, 2017 by Normars
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Gangbang Phantom Cancer

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

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full build

Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

1 4 5 7


2 13 14 16

Phantom Rush

3 8 9 11


6 12 18



Hero Talents

-7s Doppelganger CD
30% Critical Strike (2x)
+5 Max Juxtapose Illusions
+500 Phantom Rush Range
+250 Health
+125 Spirit Lance Damage
+15% Evasion
+20 Attack Speed

Normars best build

September 16, 2017

why u should choose the talnets like that

1: in lever 10, u get 20% att to make more phantom(it will made it more cancer)
2:get all stats because 15% cooldown reduction is not useful with 1 carry like Phantom Cancer
3: 15% evasion will goes on with Butterfly will help your phantom can be evasion(more caner)
4: 20 Strength of alltribute will make u supper tanky and make more dame and u can 1v5 easy

strong and weak

Strong: u can easy 1v1(too many for 1)
very hard to die cause the DOOPELGANGER
can drive easy by the PHANTOM RUSH
Weak: get counter by Batterfurry ,Blade Mail and Mjollnir

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