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August 27, 2016 by s0d00
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Build 1
Build 2

underlord torturer (mid)

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


2 4 5 7

Pit of Malice

1 8 10 11

Atrophy Aura

3 9 12 13

Dark Rift

6 15 16


14 17 18


August 27, 2016

Early game strat

If you are going mid(see build 1), try to farm as fast as possible to radiance. But never skip basic items and gank. Early game Underlord is so damn tanky according to his str gain also because of his passive. my build is for tanker and maybe DPS nuker (i don't know how to say sry for my poor english). If u buy Octarine core u know that his skills cooldown decrease as well as items. Underlord is a teamfight initiator hero so it helps to decrease ur main initiator skill (ulti). i'm sure that early radiance and octarine core will be huge problem. I think BKBs not very big troubles because Underlord is bulky hero and u can gain health from creeps(supports) by ur spells and DPS. This build is strong against any heroes because of Underlords huge AOE spells including items.
For offlaners(see build 2), I suggest u to buy iron talon because if u are against trilane u can farm jungle maybe versus duallane u can easily farm using talon because u know that annoying ranged support harass. also I suggest u to buy crimson guard first. It means basically u won't take damage from creeps and etremely less damage from heroes including their carry. Then offensive items like drum or necronomicon and u can finish the game in 30 min.
Hope u enjoy my build. (specially mid)

Creeping / Jungling

1. MID laners
If u can buy radiance in 17 min u can farm in jungle or other lanes so fast. If u lose ur lane don't worry keep going (like specter once u have done ur item u are ready to rape them) Radiance give u 17% evasion means u can walk around and tank. BUT NEVER SKIP BASIC ITEMS THATS WHY U CAN"T BUY RADIANCE FAST. Next item will be OCTARINE CORE. ( U should gank where enemies are farming etc using ur ulti often)
CRIMSON I MEAN AURA ITEMS EARLY PUSH AND GG that's all but sometimes it depends for example if ur enemy heroes are good HG defenders u should buy some aura items (PIPE DRUM AND CRIMSON) then push as 5 and end. if their carry is torturing u. u can buy heavens halberd.

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