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Noob's Guide to Storm Spirit

March 3, 2016 by EthanIre1020
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Build 1

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Static Remnant

1 12 13 14

Electric Vortex

3 4 5 7


2 8 9 10

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


15 17 18

Noob's Guide to Storm Spirit

March 3, 2016


Hi! This is my first Dota 2 guide so any constructive criticism would be greatly accepted. I'm no expert in Dota 2 or at Storm Spirit but I think I'm quite good at Storm. So here it is.


Leveling up Static Remnant first is helpful to do some flash farming early on. Electric Vortex is great for some early harassment. I feel you only need one level in overload for the time being as 30 extra damage is plenty. Leveling up Ball Lightning at all possible times is a must for ganking ability. Mainly what you should be doing with you abilities is Ball Lightning in, hit once, Electric Vortex them, hit again, pop a Static Remnant, hit again and auto-attack till they die. Feel free to develop on this when necessary.


Starting items are simple, regen, stats and a bit of extra Intelligence. Boots of Travel are for anti-pushing which is something SS does very well. Magic Wand is simply for some helpful regen and the Bottle is for Rune control. A Bloodstone is amazing on SS. Extra Mana and Mana Regen plus Health and Health Regen. The Magic Immunity and bonus Damage is great for SS. An Eye of Skadi is a very extreme luxury item that is in no way necessary. An Orchid of Malevolence gives a good silence and good Intelligence. Scythe of Vyse is similar to the Orchid just with a hex instead. Linken's Sphere is great. Overall bonus stats, damage and Health and Mana Regen. Shiva's Guard gives bonus Armour and Intelligence.

Early Game

You need to go mid-lane as SS is best suited there. Early game you should be farming all the time as SS is quite money dependent. Unless there is a great ganking opportunity and you have Ball Lightning don't attempt ganks. Harass your opponent with Electric Vortex and Static Remnant at all opportunities and attempt to force them out of lane. You must get your items fast and unless necessary don't leave lane until ganking is possible for you.

Mid Game

By now you should have several core items and should be ganking and anti-pushing. That's simple because you should have Boots of Travel. Just Ball Lightning out of teleport and unleash your attacks. There's not much more to it. You should farm at all possible moments and soon you can snowball out of control.

Late Game

If you have had a good early and mid game the opposition should be sick of you. Just keep doing what you have been (So long as you've been doing well!)


So! That's how I tend to play Storm Spirit! I hope you enjoyed this guide and like I said before, I'm new to DotaFire and this is my first guide so any constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading!

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