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Noob's Guide to Rubick

August 28, 2022 by gumby12
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No Stress Backliner Build

DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Hero Skills


1 5 8 13

Fade Bolt

3 9 14 17

Arcane Supremacy

2 4 7 11

Spell Steal

6 12 16


10 15

Hero Talents

+40% Spell Amplification For Stolen Spells
-12s Telekinesis Cooldown
+240 Telekinesis Land Distance
-5s Fade Bolt Cooldown
-25% Stolen Spell Cooldown
+0.4s Telekinesis Lift/Stun Duration
+12% Fade Bolt Damage Reduction
+150 Telekinesis Landing Damage

Noob's Guide to Rubick

August 28, 2022


This guide's main focus is to be as far away from combat as possible, while still casting spells, Max Arcane Supremacy as quickly as you can REASONABLY, and change your boots from arcane to tranquil once you need speed more than mana (midgame). Once you get your Aether Lens you can make a huge difference and still be way behind the fight,add any range increasing neutral items you can find to this as well, and if you steal a melee range spell you have blink dagger, I highly recommend arcane bink, because your animation times are lowered when you use it, making your version of their spells just far better than your opponents'.

Note: Ahganim's Scepter is in this build if your comfortable with that many spell keys, but this is not recommended as this is a noob build.

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