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(Nobrainer) jungler/safelane aura meepo

June 29, 2016 by nekru
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Boots of Speed

Early game

Enchanted Mango
Gauntlets of Strength
Magic Wand
Rune of Double Damage
Tranquil Boots

nobrainer aura items

Assault Cuirass
Vladmir's Offering

Late game boots

Power Treads

Core items

Aghanim's Scepter
Eye of Skadi

Hero Skills


1 6 9 13


2 7 10 14


4 5 8 12

Divided We Stand

3 11 17


15 16 18

(Nobrainer) jungler/safelane aura meepo

June 29, 2016

Meepo build

First i want to say that this build is for idiots who dont no that its nobrainer that stat items dont work with meepo.

Second my friend helped me much with this guide and if u want to credit him here is the link:

I had really fun making this guide and i think this is the best way to play my favorite hero meepo.

This is what i consider as perfect meepo game

Early game

I think that boots are good starting item because its very easy to lasthit with meepo.
You should level up your skills like i show in this build because all the meepos abilitys are good so you want to put levels on them all

In early game you want to get fast tranquil boots(nobrainer) for easy JUNGLE FARMING.
you farm your lane and jungle and in 20 minutes you should easily have 50 creep and with it you should have mechanism and tranquil boots.

midle game(killing)

Midle game(killing)

When you have mech you can just go and kill people with so many hero. With mechanism you are almost immortal in 20 minutes and with many meepo you got much dmg to kill enemys fast.
i have seen people using poof for dmg but i think its just waste of mana because you can just kill enemys with your high melee dmg. With all the money for killing enemys you can probably afford assault cuirass,vlads and skadi.

Core items

When you get more money and you can afford upgrading your boots to power treads for late game do it because power treads are better but more expensive so you cant get them early game. Now you have to remember that its nobrainer that stat items dont work with meepo you make skadi just for slow. When you get all of those items you pretty much won the game.
Meepo is op late game carry because you have so many meepos(nobrainer).

Thx for reading

This is my way to play meepo and i think its the best. im really good meepo player and its my best hero. If anyone thinks my build is bad im ready to take 1v1 meepo mid just contact me.

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