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No non-sense Chaos Knight build guide.

September 7, 2021 by Guest
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

No non-sense Chaos Knight build guide.

September 7, 2021

The only chapter.

- I like to start with the bracer as opposed to the quelling blade start. This one is to your preference.
-The boots. Power tread works.
-Armlet and echo blade. Two of one of the cheapest items in Dota has a beautiful synergy with this hero. This will make CK a mid game powerhouse. The armlet gives health for the illusions; the damage and armor are all great on CK. Echo blade gives CK some burst, increased attack account, and mana regen.
-BKB is a must on CK as in most heros in most games.
-Sange and Yasha gives nice stats that CK needs. Sange is more important than Yasha. You can also build halberd instead if they have a lot of auto attackers.
-lastly, if you got the shard and all, the situation doesn't call for the gem of true sight or some other items that I can't think of right now that might be absolutely essential in some situations, build Heart of Torrasque. That increases survivability of your illusions. You can get that or you can get the Abyssal Blade or Assault Cuirass. Depending on what the situation calls for.
-shade blade on chaos knight also works in some situations, but it's not a standard build.
-You can also get scepter blessing for 50 to 60+ min games lastly.
Don't build:
-Manta-style. I see a lot of people building Manta-style on CK. Sure it is decent on CK, as with any auto-attack-based heros. Illusions work beautifully with any autoattack based heroes that don't dash around. But since CK doesn't get any kind of benefit from procs, in many ways, CK is not getting that much value out of manta-style. It's a waste of money. Just because CK's ability creates illusions, does not mean you should make more with items. In many situations, you're actually strengthening your counters by doing so. If you pick CK, you're going to see lots of aoe damages and disables on the enemy team. They are going to destroy your illusions anyway.
The way I see it, Manta style on CK is not any better than Manta style on Wraith King for example. But no one build Manta style on wraith king. WHY NOT? There are just better builds. The dispell perk is kinda nice though, but it's a basic dispell that doesn't dispell anything that give real headaches that are capable of really taking down CK (stuns and most ultimates as I know are not basic dispellable). Manta style is an expensive item that costs 4600 gold. I guess situationally if the enemy team has a lot of silences and disarms (not including halberd), Manta style could be useful. But let's face the reality. I've seen one CK countering Huskar with manta style, but what can he do against Invoker? He will drain CK's mana with his abilities. Manta style has 125 cost for the item active. He won't be able to use it anyway. Yeah. It works against Huskar. If you're downright scared to face Huskar, yeah, build Manta Sytle. That is probably the only situation where Manta Style will shine.
-desolator. It's an expensive item. It's a waste of money. If you're building it because you think it helps you burst down carries. Trust me, dps is not an issue on CK. You'll burst down pretty anyone mid game (unless they are super fed), with just armlet and echo blade. Bursting people down is not going to be a problem. In most cases, people realize that CK can burst people down, and too busy staying away from him and his illusions, trying to create an advantageous play against him. Armlet gives you total of 75 damage (when active, on top of 25 attack speed, 500 health and each illusions get 15 damage as well as the attack speed and the health) as opposed to 55 damage on desolator. If you convert the attack speed into flat damage damage one for one, counting three illusions late game, they both deal 220 damage each hit theoretically. The only advantage that the desolator has is the 6 armor reduction and it does not give you the health, the armor and the hp regen. Armlet costs 2475 and desolator costs 3500 gold. CK has life steal passive so, the health drain is not going to terribly problematic. Why would a health drain matter for a supposed burst-down-a-carry hero? It only takes seconds.

Skill order:
- Unlike league of legends, where the last level skill point is an exponential advancement in the stat, in dota, things are pretty linear. It really doesn't matter what you max out first, or if you put each point in each skill every level. I think it's better to even it out. For the talents, though, it calls for situations.
-If the enemy team has a lot of duelists or melees with blademail, take the lifesteal, and if the enemy team has a lot of kiting potential, take the other one.
-If your team doesn't have a lot of strong disables, go for the Chaos Bolt cooldown, but overall, in most situations the 12 strength one is solid.
-If the enemy team has a lot of spell blocks, take the piercing one, if not take the other one,
-For the last one, if you took the lifesteal, take the crit chance, if not and your illusions actually manage to live long enough in fights (because they don't have enough aoe or whatever), take the other one.

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