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NippleXO's simple Guide to Chen!!

July 22, 2012 by NippleXO
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Basic Build

DotA2 Hero: Chen

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14

Holy Persuasion

2 3 8 9

Divine Favor

1 4 5 7

Hand of God

6 11 16


15 17 18


Your job as a support in the start is either buy the courier or the start you can either buy the courier or buy the can also buy both by not buying branches or tango it's up to you.

I personally like to buy wards and flying courier before any other items if I started with bug the courier.

After all that is taken care of you should buy the Ring of Bas and boots. This is your choice now (player preference) either buy your arcane boots or Mek. Mek allows you to push more arcanes allows you to regen your mana and your teamates so you can gank more and not return to base for regen.

After you got our Mek and arcanes GET YOU ULT STICK THIS PROVIDES YOU TO BE ABLE TO USE EVERY 30 SECONDS which is just insane.

If your not doin so Hot and getting killed a lot I would invest in bracers force staff anything to keep me alive longer.

When your up against a hero who has insane magic damage or escapes easily or is spell dependent.

You gotta ask your teamates if anyone is getting pipe or orchid ETC. because they will be handy in a team fight so keep that in mind.

When your using Chen mos of the time game ends at 17-30 min mark even earlier if it's late just get Sheeps stick or euls Etc anything to disable or whatever you think would be useful :D

What you should be doing with Chen

As a Chen you should not be jungling for 15 min straight "guys I got My item lets fineally push >:D"


Chen is an extremely useful ganjer at level 1. at level 1 either get a centaur khan or troll warlord because they can both either disable or just stop the enemy from moving . (you can also pick the Ursa warrior If you are confident you are going to kill the target or your teammate has a stun him/her self.

If you see that the target is going to die no matter what try not to kill the argent rather let the carry get the kill.

Did I mention to forget YOUR A SUPPORT DON'T BE GREEDY you should be buying the flying courier and wards WARDS NOT SAVING UP MONEY FOR A DIVINE RAPIER.i can't stand how pubs pick support and just buy courier and "ok I'm done supporting :)" WARDS!! Enough said ....

Chen is an extremely insane pusher he can destroy a T2 tower in 15-20 minutes I played right.

Your job is I support meaning paying attention to the map. Where in the map does your teammate need healing or persuaded.

Be awesome support
early EARLY EARLY Ganks
Push like you just don't care
WARDS!,Counter ward, dust
Don't ks give kills to carry if possible
Map awareness (team awareness)

The Neutrals

Keep in mind every single neutral is absolutely usefull but I'm going to explain the ones the are the most common for persuasion.

Centaur khan: gives 15 pct attack speed and the ability to stun for 2 seconds from a short air distance, this neutral is gret throughout the game gives you disable and an aura which is usefull for the team.

Ursa warrior: same tank ability as the centaur but has a little larger aoe to slow and do damage with its skill. It's useful for tanking towers and early.

The Pink bird or wilcan whatever: is so Good has a cast skill which does insane damage and slows and lasts a long time if used right this will just dominate in team fights and pushing strats.this neutral also gives 2 armor bonus aura which is just great to push with.

Satyr Mr.haduuuuuken!!!:
This guy is just underestimated early game he just hurts because It has a nuke that does 100 damage which is great early game. The cd is great and how much you can throw that thing. Plus gives you 4 hp regen aura which is insane early game . You can just make this SOB follow your teamates if they need it.

Alpha wolf: Pubs: ewes why the F*** do you have a wolf eww he so bad"
Are your kidding me this wolf late game is jus borderline insane, this wolf gives your grit and your teamates 30 percent extra damage which is huge. ( 100 damage +wolf aura= 130 damage which is great. So when teamate just yell at you just shrug it off you know the reason why you guys are winning team fights is cause of your heals and your wolf.

People to stay away from and pros and cons

Stay away from ENCHANTRESS you will know when you match up with her when you pick Chen.
But all jokes aside

They can just eat your creeps there are a not more but hose are the basics.




Farewell guys!!! Ty for reading and have fun !!


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