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NippleXO'S Guide to Axe!

July 23, 2012 by NippleXO
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Axe the tank(jungle)

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

2 4 8 9

Battle Hunger


Counter Helix

1 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Before anything

This isn't a guide for Battle Hunger It's mainly on tanking and tanking


Axe is fun awesome hero to play. But axe isn't really sense in the competitive scene it frequently in the pubs scene.

Axe can tank like a absolute beast his and dish out insane damage with counter helix.he also provides a "ksing" ULT. His automatically kills an enemy when they there up low enough to be ultied. His ULT also provides wih an aoe speed buff to allies, so keep that in mind.

Why So much stats NippleXO??

Since your jungling you need to max out your thirs skill and first ASAP. Also your battle hunger is only useful early game and not later par of the game so it's really useful for jungle/tank axe. But it doesn't hurt to get at least 1 of battle hunger. It slows and make you faster also deals a damage per sec on an enemy which would be good for fleein enemies shoes about to die.

STATS are not only good for increasing your tankyness and up but also your mana pool so you can blink in faces more often then your regularly can.


Starting items you should get a stout shield and lots of regen and not die I neutrals. When jungling with axe... Plz stack so you can get your Ring of health health ASAP. If you run out of regen you can stack and pull for your teamate ( if needed)

Early game you should be getting the Rin of health ASAP so you can jungle better Etc.. After you purchase the ring it's your. You either go for Vanguard or Regular boots. But HDTV both of those items as fast as possible is a good idea.

Boots all comes down to player preference
Wanna spam a lot of spell don't really wanna go back to base good movement speed

tread switch and attack speed makes you tanker have a little more mana attack speed.

stacks more HP regen and armor also good movement speed and an active skill that heals.( sorta burst healish)

GIves extra damage and gives ku a great active skill hat increases you movement speed and grants unit walking which is critical for positioning.

After you got your boots and vanguard No doubt in your mind yo have to go for dat Blink Dagge. Blink dagger allows you to chase better intiate wayyyyyyy better gives you an escape mekanism.

After your cores which is Blink Dagger And Vangaurd everything else is luxury. I personally like to get heart so I can be even harder to take out, and soak up more damage as possible for my team. After this I prefer blaidmail so I can just tank pop my Blaidmail and deal tons and tons of damage back at my enemies. Games still not over you can get Shivas which gives your armor and more mana pool. AC would also be good helps he team greatly.

Situational items like a pipe should be your job. If game isn't really going that great YOH can invest in bracers what ever hat makes you survive a lot better.

Pros cons stay away from

Fun hero to play
Aggressive play style
ULT that makes your teamates mad

Lacks escape mekanism
No disables except forcing you to attack
you need to get your items fast as possible to be useful

Stay away from kiters like Drow Ranger because you need to be up their grill to be useful as well .
Anything that slows you just makes your life miserable. Any hero that has an insane slow just makes you not wanna play axe lol


Farewell!!Have fun!!!


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