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Night Stalker Mid Ganking Monster

July 1, 2013 by Anastasis88
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Night Stalker Mid Ganker

DotA2 Hero: Night Stalker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8

Crippling Fear

7 10 13 14 15

Hunter in the Night

2 4 9 12

Dark Ascension

6 11 16


17 18

First Day

Early game do not level Void past one as it will cost more mana when using it to last hit creeps you would otherwise miss.

Silence is also not very effective due to small mana pool so only take if necessary.

BUY a WARD as soon as you get 100 gold to keep rune control with bottle.

Focus on farming your urn before first night as this will keep you from having to back from ganks after a hero kill

In the Night we Slay

As soon as it hits night pick your target and initiate a gank. (Lvl your abilities first) Once your target goes down search for your next kill or set up for another gank. This time is very valuable use it wisely.

Gank Aggressively but at the same time do not suicide, Night time is your friend but it does not make you immortal!

With your Urn, Bottle and Stick you should be able to pull off a few successful ganks easily putting you ahead in farm

Use your Ult to extend the night time just as it is about to run out to give you a bit of a boost for one last gank

The Night is our Domain, Daylight we are pretty Lame

Once the Night has ended go back to farming middle lane. Your effectiveness has taken a massive dive. You are slow and sluggish again. Farm to finish some more of your items and bottles runes preparing for night.

If your opponents become aggressive now its day just play defensive and let the clock run down, no need to get cocky.

If your opponents are scared from the devastation you caused at night help initiate a gank using your slow and silence when possible.

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